It seems like it’s Halloween then BAM, holidays are here and into January we go. It’s my favorite time of the year that sometimes I have to remind myself to slow down to stop and enjoy it.

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This week I am currently in my largest hair extension training of the year teaching My Hair Extensions Method Natural Beaded Rows, and the business side of Big Money Stylist. We have some amazing new changes inside of my education program, which I’ll be sharing a little more in detail of on Monday’s hair posts.

Sometimes even when you have a ton of momentum you have to pump the brakes and build a strong foundation first. The better the foundation, the stronger the company.

This week we are back with new episodes of both the Date Your Wife Podcast, and the Big Money Stylist Podcast. This week on the BMS podcast we touch base on the value of experience. You can’t truly understand another person’s business experience until you have walked in their shoes.

“It’s in those dark moments where your true colors start to show up; where you decide you’re going to keep going even when you hit those hard corners.”

A thought I’ll leave you with for the weekend is:

“Success starts with believing in yourself. Endurance and consistency keep that Belief going.”

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Danielle K. White