This is some of my personal work at my salon DKW Styling located in Laguna Beach California. Many are surprised to find that I’m still working behind the chair. However, as an educator, I think it’s important to keep your hands in the mix – and I genuinely love making women feel beautiful and Natural Beaded Rows Hair Extensions are such a huge transformation.

It’s fun to see a woman’s energy completely transform when leaving the salon. I also have an amazing team that works behind me. I’m currently only taking SIX clients per week. I believe in quality and not necessarily quantity.  All of my artists work with assistants and can only take 3 to 4 clients per day to ensure an amazing experience for each guest.

We recently expanded the DKW Styling Salon, and have a few new faces in the mix. These new faces are certainly not new to hair or Natural Beaded Rows. Within the network of over 300 stylists that I train weekly, many have been in my program for the last 2 to 3 years. That’s why when I hire new people, I’m confident in knowing they have an amazing foundation.

DKW Styling Salon is an upscale hair extension boutique where we offer hair color and hair extensions.

We have had many ask about our education dates for 2019.

I know they said they would be released November 1st, however, we are securing venues and making sure everything is on point. This past year we held smaller classes of up to 30 students per class but as things have grown we are hiring on more educators and moving our class sizes to 300 per class.

With our larger classes, we will still give an amazing amount of pre-training as well as follow-up. This is not simply another certification class. If you choose to do the work, this will transform your career.

Next year we will only hold four classes, and one large convention.  Stay tuned in the next couple weeks for dates and details, and make sure you are on the BMS 2019 Waiting List HERE!

This next week we head into our largest class to date with the  NBR/BMS convention with 350 NEW artists to Natural Beaded Rows. Each year we have continued to double down. I always tell artists the beginning of your career is the hard part. Once you start picking up momentum, things start moving faster and when your numbers are larger your results are bigger.

It’s important to keep quality and know when to pump the brakes but also maintain your momentum without overwhelming yourself.

What people don’t know about me is I’ve been working on my brand for almost eight years. I didn’t just pop out of nowhere. When I first started the Natural Beaded Rows brand, hand tied or beaded rows were not cool. Now they are the number one trending hair extension technique on the market.

I feel like we’ve have hit a new tipping point, and in the past, there were so many times I wanted to quit based on feeling overwhelmed. Or the mommy guilt set in. I made a decision to not let guilt ever determine where I choose to take my career.

When I made this decision I was able to submit and watch my business fly. I still very much love being in the mix in every portion of my brand and watching it grow these last couple years has been nothing short of amazing!!

If you don’t do hair and you are a potential client and find value in a post that I write each week, I can promise you will love the energy of my salon. Don’t be shy – Click here to apply for Natural Beaded Rows at my salon. Fly-ins are always welcome.🥂

Danielle k. White