Patience and Consistency will progress you forward while adapting to change will create growth along the journey.

Every Thursday I post my favorite look of the week.

Never underestimate chunky knits and a good mini for fall.

I have had a crazy work week. If you’ve been following any of my BMS Podcasts, things are growing at an amazing rate and with growth comes change.

In the next couple of weeks, we prepare for my largest hair event yet with just over 350 artists leaning the Art and Science of Natural Beaded Rows which is a hair extension method I’ve created. Last month, I expanded my salon in Laguna Beach CA, and with that came major changes.

YOU can’t experience growth without change.

So as much as it hurts, you have to understand everything happens as it should.

If we ignore change we repeat until we understand the message we need to learn. I love education and growth. This has always been my passion.

We encourage being uncomfortable with my students, and by teaching this I have to live it at every level. I know the impact I will make on my industry, and this will require change.

This week’s episode of BMS podcast was about the consistency of the daily work, and being patient.

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A thought I’ll leave you with for the week…

“You’ll never be able to grow if you are afraid to lose people in the process. Sometimes, past relationships won’t serve the same purpose in the future.”