One of the things I educate all my stylist in is keeping the natural hair as healthy as possible.

If you are that girl that is consistently bleaching your hair, even if you think it’s only a root touch up every six weeks, over time it may start to break off.

This is not due to hair extensions, but due to the overuse of heat tools in an attempt to get your layers to blend, and years of over processing.

Do your research when it comes to hair color and hair extensions.

Hair is worth paying a little bit more for.

You wear it every day, and whether you realize this or not it is likely the first thing someone will notice about you.

Today, Makenzi Davis is sharing two of her amazing blonde NBR transformations for transitioning into the fall, and the importance of Choosing the Right Color For You.

Guys its FINALLY fall! I love the fall so much. The crisp air, the fun fall treats and of course the beginning of the holiday season.

Another big reason I love this time of year is that all my clients are typically getting an itch to change their hair up. Summer is over, and they are ready to switch things up.

For my Blondes, this is huge.

Today I want to talk about Choosing the Right Color For You.

When you are a blonde, (this has happened to all of us) you always crave juuuust a little more blonde. Or for a lot of blondes, just a biiiiiit cooler of a blonde.

There is a fine line with both, and it’s important to remember two things when choosing your new hair color:

1) Will this color that I want be complimentary with MY Completion?
2) Can my hair HANDLE this color? Meaning, will it damage my hair to go this color?

It’s important to find a color that will be Complimentary and won’t damage your hair.

A lot of times its easy to see a cute picture on Instagram and think “Aw! I want that.”

But nowadays, almost everything on Instagram has a filter on it. Filters can give you false expectations as to what a color really looks like.

Trust your stylist, and find a color that works for YOU with and without a filter 😉

Here are a few clients I’ve done recently that I think we found the perfect match for their color.

With both colors, we added lots to depth and dimension.

I LOVE dimension because it softens someones look, and it gives your color life to have multiple tones for light to reflect off of.

If you’re ready to switch up your color a bit I’d totally recommend adding some depth and dimension for Fall!

Don’t be shy if you love NBR as much as we do, book your NBR consultation today! (NBR is not affiliated with other hand tied methods.)

Fall education, as well as my shadowing program, is sold out for the year stay tuned for 2019 education details.