I love a good sweater this time of year, and paired with a great pair of thigh highs you’re both sexy and comfortable.

These #DKW-Fashion pics were taken last weekend while my hubby and I visited NYC for a little weekend getaway. My husband calls these sexcations. 😉

I think it’s because we both work a lot and have two young kids, so it’s hard to find husband and wife time.

So whenever I’m feeling like we are drifting a little, I plan a mandatory weekend getaway.

Even though we both work together and see one another a lot, it’s important to have two roles as business partners and Married partners. Both of these roles we interact with one another are very different. Weekend getaways help us reset the married role.

It’s interesting – I find a lot of successful people have certain patterns and routines.

Take for example a morning routine, if your morning routine gets fucked up then it’s hard to get back on track for the day sometimes.

Imagine your relationship like your morning routine.

Sometimes it gets thrown off, but through consistencyyou can get back on track.

Notice your drifting patterns as a couple, and learn to intervene.

This is actually easier said than done because often times when we are in a drift we go in shut down mode. This is when you get to the place where it’s harder to come back….

The moral of today’s story is if you want a good relationship, then CREATE it!

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