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Despite other competing companies offering hand tied or beaded row methods of hair extensions, NBR was the first to make it the trending technique of hair extensions.

So what makes NBR different? Experience. Just like every color skill takes time to understand the art and science, hair extensions are the same.

I have personally been wearing hair extensions for over 16 years and have tried everything in my own hair as well as with my clients.

I  have the worst hair ever… I refer to my hair as my ongoing mullet that never grew out of toddler phase.

But I was committed to finding a solution for my hair that didn’t completely destroy it, while still looking the most natural. Not to mention I didn’t want it to take all day to install, and it had to look good in person too, not just in the before and after photo.

Almost eight years ago I branded the system I had created over the years as Natural Beaded Rows. Through the years my education went from one on one shadowing, to small group classes, to our largest class to date now in November 2018 with over 350 stylists in one room for NBR.

When you start a business, the first few years are the hardest. When you hit a tipping point you start doubling in size but when your numbers are bigger the momentum is faster.

I always tell my students not to underestimate consistency in the “small” things. When you look at life day to day it seems the same, but when you look back after a couple years of doing the work consistently, everything is different.

People look at where I’m at and think things blew up over night, but they missed the consistency throughout the years, along with adapting to growth and change. At every new chapter, I feel like I’m just getting started!!

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Danielle K. White
Creator of Natural Beaded Rows