Welcome back to #manemonday!!!

Today I asked Stacie to share one of her favorite NBR Transformations of the week…

Last week I and Savanah did a color correction on Christy Carlson Romano. You might remember her from the Disney Show Even Stevens (yes, we had a fangirl moment.)

Christy came in with washed out color and lots of warm tones. We decided to take her more neutral and deepen her root. Personally, I think she looks better darker.

To start, me and Sav did baby lights with lightener and 20 vol to break up the warmth from previous permanent color in zone 1 & 2. Then in between each foil, we did her base with DiaRichess 6.02 + 5n 9vol.

After we went in zone two with shades 6n +5na and brought it all the way down to cover the warmth. Back at the bowl, we smudged her with DiaLight 6n + 5.1 6vol and tones her with 8.23 + 8.1 6vol

For her NBR extensions, we used a blend of 10/16, 3, and 8a. We did two full rows and a mini. She has tones of natural hair so the mini was definitely needed.

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