Welcome to the DKW Styling Blog!

I’m Danielle, the creator of the hair extension method Natural Beaded Rows (NBR), and owner of the salon DKW Styling.

I have two kiddos and a weenie dog, but My blog focus is on hair transformations and my two podcasts. One I do with my husband on married life (Date Your Wife Podcast), and the other one is BIG MONEY STYLIST which is on business. Or, if you’re looking for more hair and beauty tips you can follow my YouTube channel.

I also love fashion. I believe it’s a creative way to express yourself as well as setting your mood for the day. My husband who is not that into fashion could never really understand what I was talking about until I explained to him that getting dressed for me is a feeling NOT just a function. My mood determines what I put on. I still work behind a chair two days a week. I still like to dress my best on workdays despite the chance that I might get hair color all over me. I noticed if I feel confident  I perform better.

Tune in every Thursday for a few of my favorite outfits.

A thought I want to leave you with for the weekend is…

The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you stopped loving what you do, reevaluate what your time is worth,  and strive to create more value.