Welcome to Mane Monday on DKW!

Each week I ask one of my artists to share some of their favorite work from the week. Today I asked the Bronde Queen Val to share a few of her secrets …

Brunette + Blonde.

It’s an in-between hair color, where you’re not quite brunette, but not really a blonde. It’s the best of both worlds, and if you’re non-committal like me, it’s gonna be your fav hair color.

My hair has been bronde for years, and it’s my favorite color to do on clients.

There is a multitude of shades of bronde colors, so it leaves so much creativity up to the stylist on how to create the right tone for each guest.

I personally love to give the clients a bright money piece, depth at the root, tons of dimension throughout, and brighter sunkissed ends. I use at least two toners on each bronde client to keep the front brighter than the rest, but keeping everything soft.

Since there are so many tones in a bronde, once we get to the extension part of the process, I get to continue to have my creative fun.

Whatever I do on the client’s hair, I need to continue with the extensions. There’s no way you can buy a pack of hair and throw it in there. It would ruin all the hard work I just did on their real hair, by muting it down and being one or two dimensional.

That’s why I love NBR, as I can use as many shades of extension hair, each piece custom colored, to make the hair color pop that much more!

A couple of other reasons why I love bronde is the color is flattering on most skin tones and it’s super low maintenance. No need for a full head of highlights every time, just strategic placement of bright and deeper backdrops.

Bronde: for the non-committal person who wants their cake and eat it too 😏

Here are a few of my favorite brondes:

BlondeMe 25 vol, 6 vol on ends

Lowlights 6.13 + 6n blurred into 7.13 + 8n

Smudge 6.13 + 7n

Toner 9.13
Front toner 10.21 + 10.13

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