Big Money Stylist Podcast Episode #42: #GiveMeYourCardB*tch

This week’s episode of the Big Money Stylist podcast comes from a recent BMS event where Danielle, Garrett, Val, and Ani trained over 300 Artists in the Art of Marketing, specifically covering the following: I’m a Marketer, I’m a Closer, I’m a Leader, not a Savior.

Inside the Big Money Stylist Podcast, we go over the following formula each month:

Week #1: Power
Week #2: Production
Week #3: Profit
Week #4: Protection

In this week’s episode of the Big Money Stylist Podcast, our Focus is PROTECTION!

Point #1: Marketing

  • When Danielle started her NBR brand, Social Media wasn’t as it is today. She knew the power was in leads so she started hustling and using the power of Marketing.
  • As she worked on her Marketing and began seeing results, she experienced a mind shift and realized it didn’t matter if she lived in a small town or a big city, she could still bring in big money through Marketing.

Ask Yourself: What are you doing to market yourself?

Point #2: Give Me Your Card, Bitch!

  • Ani: As Artists, we feel so beyond awkward trying to close anybody, especially when it’s on the phone. You have to go in knowing that what you’re selling is amazing, and you have to trust that you can produce the work to collect this money.
  •  Val: The mindset of being a Closer began to shift for me after the first successful class we had. I knew that it worked. I was in the mindset of: We’re selling out this class, this shit works, I’m a fucking closer, and I’m going to collect your card info.

Ask Yourself: What needs to shift in your mind in order for you to become a Closer?

 Point #3: The Land of Yes or No

  • Ani: We live in a world where Maybe is an acceptable answer, where you can be a super flake and not commit to anything.
    In Marketing, it’s not maybe anymore; it’s either a clear Yes, or a clear No.
  • Danielle: If you’re a Marketer, you’re not scared of the No’s; you’ve got to own that marketing side of you, even in your panic mode. Give yourself a pep talk and then go after the Closing.

Ask Yourself: What area of your life do you find yourself living in the Land of Maybe instead of the Land of Yes or No?

Point #4: I Am a Leader, Not a Savior

  • Ani: This is a hard one for Artists because we see the difference we can make in a woman’s confidence. We want to do that for everyone, including anything that you can sort-of-kind-of-fuck-up along the way.
  • Just because someone contacts you and they’re willing to pay you, doesn’t mean they’re qualified to sit in your chair or get NBR.

Ask Yourself: Where in your world are you acting like a Savior instead of a Leader?

Point #5: Daily Four

  • Ani: When I began marketing the way Garrett taught us, I had to literally put up blinders and focus only on what I was doing in that moment. Otherwise, it was so easy to get sidetracked by all the chatter of the other Artists in my salon.
  • Danielle: I think it’s so important to communicate your message because it’s literally the way to get your dream client in the chair. In addition to taking Before and Afters, you have to showcase a little bit of you.

Ask Yourself: What has been your experience using the Daily Four?

Quote of the Week:

“There are five pivotal points inside of this. Some of you are looking for a miracle switch when all you need is one shift in how you see your world. You just had bombs dropped on your face. What are you going to do with them?”

—Garrett J. White

“Don’t base your results on your social media following, base your results on actual clients sitting in your chair. Don’t worry about the wrong numbers, worry about the right numbers.”

—Danielle K. White

“I wasn’t taking anything personally, I just knew I was in the mindset of: We’re selling out this class, this shit works, I’m a fucking Closer, and I’m going to collect your card.”

—Valerie Plunk

“You never stop marketing, even if your books are full; it doesn’t matter. You are going to grow, you are going to change, and your clientele will continue to change with you.”

—Anianne Rivera

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