It’s mane Monday!!! I’m a total hair geek and this might be my favorite post of the week. I just love the transformation and the confidence Natural Beaded Rows gives women.

You can’t put a price on a feeling and the trickle effect it has on your life regardless of whether its hair, makeup, clothes, or maybe you’re the person who doesn’t like to be defined by your outside appearance – well good for you on that lie 😉

Today I asked Ani, my lead trainer in BMS, to share…


Let’s just all eye-roll together.

That may be one of the most irritating things said to women on a consistent basis.

But really, the main question we are asked is WHY?

Why are you wearing heels?

Why do you cover your gray hair?

Why do you get fake nails?

Why do you get hair extensions?


I never realized that such personal decisions had to be justified!

But here it is none-the-less….

I don’t wear makeup because I am trying to cover up parts of me I hate.

I put makeup on because actually DOING it is fun for me!

Nailing that winged liner is a massive win for the day.

I don’t wear heels because I hate that I’m short. (Shout out to all my vertically challenged people. 🤘🏽)

I wear heels because I like how they look with my clothes and I like that dressed up feeling. (Although I’m also down for some Converse any day.)

Which brings me to hair extensions….

There is not one woman who has not been told, “Why get extensions!? Why not just let your hair grow?”

While YES hair grows… genetically some women just don’t have a lot of hair, and some hair just breaks off.

YES, I could let my hair grow…. BUT, why wait?!

So here is the story of two women who are beautiful WITH or WITHOUT extensions…

It just so happens… they like having a little more hair.

First is this dark-haired beauty…

She got a haircut and unfortunately she decided it was just not her jam.

Yes she ROCKS the short hair, but she just wanted to feel more like HER.

I added in 2.5 rows of Natural Beaded Rows and by the time she looked in the mirror at the end her jaw was on the ground.

The smile wouldn’t leave her face and you could just tell she was FEELING HERSELF.

On the opposite end of the color spectrum is my favorite bright blonde (and my right-hand man), Mo.

She has been on a journey of getting her hair healthy and growing it out.

Now Mo has a tiny nugget who is turning two in just a few days. 😍

And not only does she have a small baby but she works for me (which is more work than having kids some days!).

It was time for her to get new hair and new color.

Yes she was overdue, BUT also she is now living in a new state, with a new job, and leading a new life.

She was ready for hair that reflected this NEW her.

A few hours later Mo was a brand new woman.

She left feeling more confident and ready to take on the two event weeks we have AND her new role.

She also told me she walked around her apt in a t-shirt just thinking “yeah… I’m rocking this.” 😂

That is why women do their makeup, wear heels, get their nails done, and get Natural Beaded Rows extensions….

Not to make other people happy, but because we feel confident.

And that is what life is all about, just doing… you. 🖤

Ani Riviera

Don’t let anyone define how you feel but you!

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See you soon!
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