How many of us can remember exactly where we were in life based on our haircut, color, style etc.?

Hair is a piece of us and represents time.

It’s interesting – I noticed when people are going through something emotional in their life, whether it be a move, a new relationship, or maybe had a recent baby, they seek for a change in the form of their hair.

It’s as if that old version of them no longer exist, and they seek for change. Isn’t that interesting?

Can hair actually impact the next chapter of your life?

I believe it can, and in this post, I asked Ian to share a little more of his story and some of his recent Natural Beaded Rows Before and Afters.

Hey all, Ian here and I’m a stylist at the DKW Styling Salon. I’ve worn my hair in locks (dreads) for the last 3.5 years, and recently switched to Natural Beaded Rows Hair Extensions and I love it!

After working at our last event, BMS Con 2, and having the opportunity of being on the other side of everything, I knew by the vibes that I was at the right place, running with the right group of people.

The time was now for me to do something drastic to mark the end of a chapter – OR, the end of my old story – officially.

“What better time than now to level up and start a new chapter”, I thought.

So I took scissors to my hair and spent 3.5 weeks picking out the last 3.5 years of what became a big part of who I was.

I was able to save a lot of lengths, but I lost a lot of body. Luckily, I wasn’t too freaked out because I knew here was my chance to try Natural Beaded Rows Extensions.

It couldn’t be more perfect. I wouldn’t have to deal with my (skinny) hair, and I can now relate and educate all of my clients as I send them off into the world with a new sense of self-confidence and of course amazing hair.

I can honestly say that I am seriously obsessed with my 22” NBR Extensions.

It’s so easy, and not messy, to get installed or removed for move ups and even easier to maintain in between my appointments.

My styles last more than 2 days and evolve throughout the week and I absolutely love that I can air dry to avoid putting constant heat on my hair.

My Natural Beaded Rows Hair Extensions has helped me find confidence in my appearance and I wouldn’t want to imagine living without it.

Below are pictures of some of my latest transformations.

Client #1 – Natalie

This was our first visit and she already had a good amount of hair naturally. But it just wouldn’t grow out to the length she has always wanted and not be so sparse on the ends.

Her formula is:
Baby lights: Blonde Me + 30v
Lowlights: 7nb+7gb+ps
Base: 5n+ps
Root smudge: 5n+6nb+ps
Toner: 9n+8v+9nb+ps

Base: 5n+ps
Root smudge: 7nb+7gb+ps
Toner: 9n+8v+ps

All NBR Education Classes and Events are sold out for the year, and we will be releasing 2019 dates in December, but stay tuned in to the blog every Monday for formulas and more stories.

To book an Natural Beaded Rows appointment at the DKW Styling Salon located in Laguna Beach California click here – fly in welcome.