Welcome to Monday Mane post of the week. Each week on DKW I ask one of my artists to share a story on some of their favorite Natural Beaded Rows transformations.

I always say it’s not just about the hair. When the hair is used as the access point to open up more possibilities, I’m all about it, and the confidence it carries with it.

Today you’ll hear from Val – the OG of the DKW Styling Salon.

“Change is hard, but it can be freeing!”

I’ve had a couple of clients this past week who broke up with their long term stylist of 10+ years to come sit in my chair at DKW Styling Salon to receive color and Natural Beaded Rows Extensions.

I could feel the nerves in them, and that it was more scary for them than the average client.

Change is hard. Whether you’re doing something large that can change the trajectory of your entire life, or something as seemingly insignificant as changing your hair.

Either way, it’s different.

It’s change.

Nerves and emotion come with them both.

But the one thing I’ve learned about change?

It’s never as scary as the anticipation leading up to it.

This client below had been with the same stylist for 10 years and couldn’t ever achieve a color that complimented her skin tone. She was either pumpkin orange, or a mustard yellow (both great colors, just not when it comes to hair color). She also had stubborn grays that were never covered up.

2 color corrections, and an NBR installation later, we were able to achieve this flattering color:

Her skin looked so much more youthful! And the extra hair… I mean come on, who doesn’t want a little extra fullness?

My second client is a hairstylist herself (crazy talented) but has always hated dimension.

“I pull red, and dimension just doesn’t look good on me.”

I’m a firm believer dimension looks good on everyone. Even if it’s the most subtle color contrast, I feel it softens everyone’s look, which I’m a fan of.

She took the jump, and let me change her color, while adding 22” Natural Beaded Rows extensions, because why not?!

Both of these beauties changed their look and what they had been doing up until this point. It might seem like “ehh it’s just hair, what’s the big deal?!”

But it’s not “just hair”

If you change one thing, I’ve noticed it has a trickle effect in your life.

Once you realize change isn’t so scary… that it’s actually freeing, an entire world of possibilities opens up. And that’s the kinda world I like to live in!

So if you’re ready to change it up, come see us at DKW Styling Salon!