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What a week! My husband and I went straight from Cabo into Warrior Week for Women. 

My husband Garrett created a program called Warrior. It is currently for men only, but Women starting asking, “What about Warrior for Women?”

So after 7 years of creating and proving the systems of Warrior for men, we decided to launch Warrior Women this week with over 300 women in the event.

The biggest breakthroughs can be taught by dealing with your own shit and discover your stories and limiting beliefs. 

Identifying the story can be the easy part. 

Changing Your Stories, and consistently doing the work to continue to change your stories as you grow, is the hard part. 

Think of it like a diet when you’re trying to get healthier or lose weight. 

Small but consistent choices will help you maintain on a daily basis. But if you screw up on your diet, guilt throws you back into your old story and that can actually set you even deeper into that old story that is not serving you.  

Identify the old habits and patterns when they show up, and choose to correct them on a daily basis.

The more we do this, the easier it is to finally arrive at the new story you created and over time the new story is stronger than the old.  

Flight the story daily. Stop the pattern daily.

Guilt is the enemy and will hold you back. 

So the worst thing you can do is to blame or guilt yourself.

Immediately tell yourself this feeling doesn’t serve you or give you the end result you are looking for. 

Love yourself, and you can love others. 

Shine bright enough so that people cannot ignore you.

Stop your old stories for YOU, and in moving forward you will have a huge impact on others.

As Walt Whitman said 

“Keep your face always towards the sunshine, and shadows will fall behind you.” 

Our stories hold us back from the end result we are looking for in life whether we realize this or not.

Be aware of the end result you want in each story, and DO the work required to change this every day. 

Now you might ask, “Why would I stay in a painful story??”

Stories validate feelings: When you blame someone else for your story, you feel safe and validate that story, which can ultimately keep you STUCK, while feeling “SAFE.”

But then, when things get sooo painful you cant operate at this level any longer. 

You may turn to sedation but this is a bandaid in the solution.

Sedation can happen in many forms and this little bastard can be sneaky in the forms of alcohol, drugs, prescription pills, working out, marathons, triathlons, video games, work, shopping, food, social media… etc.

I’m not saying that all of these tools are bad, but ALL can and ARE used as Sedation (even the ones that appear like a healthy option). 

Sometimes we can’t even see the story until you’re out of it, and then you realize the place of pain you were in.  

We stay in pain because the flip side of the story validates another feeling we hold on to. Or sometimes we don’t event recognize the story.

You’ll hear me refer to my higher self, and my lower self. Listening to the voice to (higher self, vs lower self) help me discern whether a story is serving me, or not serving me.

Referring to these voices as my higher and lower self also helps me take full accountability for my actions inside each story. 

If you think you don’t have stories, you are a liar. We all create outcomes and results based of the stories we create. 

If you are stuck: Guilt and Judgement and Shame is the Enemy (Your lower self) 

Your higher self is love based. 

Create your story. And make a good one.