Happy mane Monday!! If you’re new to DKW Styling, I’m Danielle K. White, the Creator of Natural Beaded Rows Hair Extensions and owner of the DKW styling Salon in Laguna Beach, CA. Each week I ask one of my top artists to share a couple of their favorite transformations for the week…

Hey guys, It’s Kenz! I wanted to shared some fun transformations I had this week.

Meet Jennie.

She has always had hair that she wasn’t totally happy with. It would grow, but never to the length she wanted. It always felt thin and over the years her curl patterns even changed making it hard to style.

After a year of research, Jennie found NBR and dove right in. I think she probably watched every single video Danielle and the team has ever uploaded online.

She studied other methods and knew NBR was exactly what she wanted.

For her 50th birthday, she decided to treat herself with some extensions!

Her husband agreed and they flew all the way from Florida to get her hair done.

One thing she mentioned to me is she was worried she was “too old” for extensions.

There is NO such age that is too old for Natural Beaded Rows!

I have a client that’s 73 and she is the cutest of them all. (I’ll share her story another time.)

—- Age ain’t nothin’ but a number with NBR. ——

They look so natural, you don’t even have to tell anyone you have them if you don’t want too.

Jennie wanted the longest hair possible (and my favorite length 😉 22”.

Doesn’t she look amazing?!

If you are someone who has shied away from extensions because you are afraid you are “too old”, fill out an application today.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have, and I think you’ll be surprised just how great you will feel wearing them.

My second transformation this week was Ally.

Babe right??

Ally already had 18” extensions but wanted to add some length, we upgraded her to 22” (cause duh it’s the best 🤣)

She wears 2.5 rows for the max fullness and I’m obsessed.

For her formula, we did a full head highlight / babylight 20 vol + Olapex.

Lowlighted and Tapped her roots with 8n + 7.13 Loreal Dia Light

And toned her with Clear + 9v Shades EQ

I seriously LOVE my job. What a great week. See you guys next time! 💕

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