Summer is quickly coming to an end. Every summer I’m a little sad to see it end, but honestly, my favorite season is the fall. My kiddos start school next week, and we are in some desperate need for a little routine.

My oldest daughter starts junior high which is frightening – I already have a junior high kid. Today she was asking me if she could turn her uniform top into a crop top, and I replied I’m pretty sure they require a strict no crop top policy at your school. Haha. I guess it begins, and I know I’m gonna have my hands full with her.

In today’s blog post I wanted to talk about finding your happy place.

As a hairstylist or an entrepreneur, it’s not uncommon that we put in 10 to 12 hour days. Being behind the chair that many hours consistently while trying to be a wife and mom – I will tell you it will make you go crazy.

I own a salon in Laguna Beach California and we also do large and small education classes. We also have a mastermind which is more behind the scenes that nobody sees.

Each week we do what we call a hot seat. This is where a stylist inside of our mastermind can choose to sign up for individual coaching from myself and my husband Garrett. This is coaching on anywhere from Business, life, relationships really whatever they need help with.

This week as I’m sitting there on a hot seat I’m realizing a lot of women suffer from anxiety. I thought it was just me, haha. In the past I would try to take on the world. Meaning I would over commit myself because I thought I was the only person who could get the job done right. And by right, I mean my way.

There really is no right or wrong way to do things if you think about it as just your way. It’s hard to let go sometimes, and that overcommitting can lead to burnout. I’ve got to this space so many times specifically working behind the chair as a hair stylist.

1) Because I didn’t want to say no to the money, and 2) because I told myself I was only there three days a week so I had to make the most out of my time.

It was interesting as I kept slowly cutting back – I went from taking 12 clients a week (which may not sound like a lot, but each appointment is 3-4  hours a piece) to now only taking six clients a week. And by cutting back, my business inside the salon and as well as the education side of the business began to explode.

I couldn’t see things when I was feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed. In my experience, often times we have a hard time letting go. But focusing your time and energy in the right areas is crucial. If you don’t love what you do, then why do it? Find your happy place, and in doing so see where it takes you!


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