Happy Mane Monday!

Today I asked Stacie, one of the top colorists at the DKW Styling Salon, to share a couple of her favorites.  One thing you may not know about Stacie is she was my longest running assistant – She assisted me for almost 2 years.

I didn’t want to let her go because I knew how good she was, but I also knew it was time to let her fly.

Stacie has her own style and flair for life. When she first started assisting me I would make her give all of my clients bouncy curls, which is not her style at all.

She slowly started converting me to her fabulous beach waves, not to mention those amazing fuzzies.

This first transformation is incredible and I had to share it although her Color Correction Formulas are for the second set of photo’s.

Read, Comment and Enjoy!!


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This last week Savanah and I tackled the longest color correction! I’m talking 6hrs+

Our client Courtney came in with blonde bleached out hair with hopes of going darker.

First, we filled her hair with 9AA in Shades EQ

Her hair barely accepted any of the filler so we refilled her with 8.34 + 9.3 in Loreal.

After the second filling her hair kinda sorta looked warm so we said fuck it, let’s base her. We applied her base with 6.34 + 7.32 + 6n in Loreal. Once her base sat we rinsed and then went in with lowlights of 7.32 + 6n in Loreal and 7nb + 7gb in shades EQ. These bad boys had to sit for a long time.

Finally, we were 4 hours in and at the toning part of our appointment. We toned her twice also with 8.3 + 8.34 in Loreal and again with 8.3 and 7.34 plus a pinch of 7.43 in Loreal.

That shit was so hard and Courtney kept apologizing for her shitty hair and even suggested going all dark.

But Sav and I were determined to keep on the bronde path to her dream hair.

I know her hair won’t hold the color for very long, but at least next time we will have something to build on top of.

Courtney loved her hair and enjoyed spending a day in the life of a DKW Styling employee 🙂

For her extensions we used