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Happy Thursday! This week on the blog we covered so many good topics.

On the Date Your Wife Podcast, the topic was all about MONEY and the role it can play in a relationship. My husband and I have had our ups and downs, and both of us have had to constantly course correct and put in the work. We are in a pretty good space right now in our relationship

“When women ask me how we did this, it’s like they’re wanting a checklist. I tell them to “put a mirror in front of your face and take a good look.” It’s the hard shit that women don’t want to face, and it’s usually the stuff not on the checklist that’s tucked under the mattress, or under the rug; it’s consistently doing the “little things” in the relationship that make a big difference.”

When students inside my NBR education get frustrated after not being a pro in six months with business tactics and techniques we have taught them, I remind them it took me over a decade to perfect my craft – and I’m still learning and growing. It then took me another 7 years to brand myself and to create my NBR brand.

Most people quit before momentum even picks up.

I finally feel like we’re picking up some serious momentum, and I’m so glad that I stayed committed to the small things as well as learning to let go in order for things to take off the level they needed to Go.

So a thought I’ll leave you with going into the weekend is,

Stay committed to the small things in life. Course correct if needed to make sure you’re moving forward. Sometimes in life, we confuse moving in circles as progression as opposed to moving forward. Or putting in the time, versus putting in the work and time. If you’re consistently doing the same thing and you don’t see a progression, your only option is to change it.