Hey everyone, it’s Monday Manes!!! Today’s spotlight is from Stacie from the DKW Styling Salon…

I was obsessed with her recent RED, and asked her to share a little:

“Nobody likes red or orange hair, right?

Well, this last week Ian and I tackled a client who wanted copper hair. Do you remember the band Paramore? Yup, that’s right she wanted Haley Williams hair.

To say we were stressed is an understatement. To start off me and Ian came in super early to start pre-coloring the extensions. Thankfully Mary (our client) was able to get the color formula from her stylist back home. Ian and I formulated:

20 grams 8gg
40 grams 8c
Shades EQ

We applied it to 10/16 and a few 18/22 for some brighter pieces. It came out AMAZING!!!!

When Mary came in all we had to do was use the same formula and tone her back at the bowl. Ian and I both are fucking obsessed with 1) Mary, and 2) Her hair.”

Here is also one of my favs from the week.

About every six months, hair just needs a good full set of foils. When you feel a little brassy the only way to prevent that is to lift and tone to the desired color. Where its too dark or too brassy, this is where you have to break it up. Where the ends are too light you have to add low lights to tone it down.

I did a full head of baby lights. Then, in the last 10 minutes, I went in with my low light. My secret is actually in the timing at the shampoo bowl. We did the DKW 3 minute drag. This is where I apply 5-0 for 3 minutes in zone one avoiding around the face. The next three minutes I pulled into zone two. When it was almost done, I apply toner on the leftover ends that were not low lighted.

Everyone always wants to know formulas but I believe the magic is in timing and placement.

Color is one of those fun things where there’s always 1 million different ways to get the results that you’re looking for!!! Stay tuned every Monday for more magic.

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Happy Monday!