Happy Mane Monday!!

This week on the blog NBR Spotlight I asked ANI, one of our lead trainers in BMS and my partner in crime in our weekly BMS Podcast, to share a couple of her favorite transformations as well a little something extra…

I’m calling this post ‘NBR Is Changing Lives’. Because it’s never been about “just hair”.

A journey is an interesting thing.

The first few steps you take you are never really sure where that path is going to lead you, all you know is that you need to start walking.

What seems like a normal walk through the woods, you soon come to realize is more than that.

It’s the beginning of an adventure, one that is sure to change not only your life – but shape the lives of others around you.

That was the beginning of NBR (Natural Beaded Rows Hair Extensions).

That was the beginning of BMS (Big Money Stylist).

Now here we are, 2 years later.

What started as teaching artists about business and marketing, has turned into a revolution.

No one saw this coming.

No one saw it becoming THE moment that artists would look back on and be saying “THAT is when my life changed.”

Our BMS Network is currently the home of over 260 artists.

Over 400 ready to come to our events this fall.

The messages I receive DAILY sounds like this…

“BMS was life-changing. It wasn’t just about a phenomenal hair extension method but about becoming the best person that we can be. It’s about looking in the mirror and finding clarity on where you are and where you want to be. It’s about realizing dreams!” – Lizz

“BMS is life changing! It changed my life because it challenged me to live intentionally! – Angela

“Just listened to the Podcast and literally cried. You guys have no idea what an inspiration you are in my life right now… BMS has empowered me so much. I seriously got to the end of the podcast and said: “I love you.” – Amanda

There is always the general consensus, no one had any idea BMS would have this large of an impact.

The same goes for NBR.

SO many women think well it’s “just hair.”

“Who cares?”

But Natural Beaded Rows is more than that.

It’s the first step in gaining confidence.

The first step in walking with your head held a little higher.

The first step in feeling beautiful for the first time in what may be… YEARS!

No woman knows how this will change them until they begin down that path.

The best piece of advice I can give anyone reading this right now?

No matter what it is you’re considering, NBR, BMS, moving, a trip to a faraway place…

If you’re nervous and scared…


Do it.

Do it scared.

See where that path leads.

And I can guarantee, you won’t be the same person on the other side.


Notes for the stylist:

Erica: (the Blonde)

Blondor: 20V
Lowlight: 8N shades
Root ext: 8N shades
Toner: 9V, 9P shades

(8N looks SUPER scary when it processes, you think it’s going to be pink. Patience and let it process)

Solymar: (the Bronde)

Blondor 20V
Lowlight: 6N,6G
Root ext: 5-0, 5-4
Smudge: 4NB, 6NB, 7G
Toner: 8V, 7NB

P.S. All potential clients that are interested in joining our hair obsession and book an NBR Appointment in Laguna Beach at the DKW STYLING salon: Click HERE to Apply – we would love to work with you! (Fly-ins welcome)

P.P.S All BMS Classes, as well as our large BMS Conventions, are sold out for 2018. 2019 dates will be released in December, so stay tuned and Get on the waiting list HERE!