Happy Mane Monday! Every week on the blog Monday’s is the spotlight for the week on hair from a member of my team or myself. Today, I asked Makenzie to share a few Natural Beaded Rows Before and Afters…

Angela had gone from black to blonde this past year. Which as you can see did lots of damage to her hair and she wanted to get her long locks back!

Because of the integrity of her hair, I didn’t use any lightener for her transformation.

I went through and softened her base/ blurred any old lines with 7NB + 7GB from Shades EQ

Then I lowlighted her with 8N + 9GB + 9AA SEQ to break up those orange ends

After that processed, I once again blurred out her old foil lines with 7.13+7N DiaLight 6vol


Emily has always had thick long hair but due to stress and traumatic life events it has been falling out and thinning like crazy.

She hadn’t colored it in over 8 months.

I softened up her face-framing highlights with lightener + 20 vol

Lowlighted with 8n + 6.13 painted into conditioner to keep the ends bright

Smudged with 6N + 7.13 Loreal DiaLight 6vol

We only did 1 Row of Natural Beaded Rows and look how crazy thick her ends are again!

NBR for president!!

Next, I wanted to share this cute blogger named Quigley. She is behind the blog Quigley official. Staci did her hair this last week at DKW in Laguna Beach.

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