Happy Mane Monday!!

This week I asked Val to share her experience with one of DKW Salon’s first male Natural Beaded Rows installations… Meet Jason…

Guys, this is Jason and he was my first MALE NBR install.

He looks like a merman and I really couldn’t be happier with the end result.

Jason came to one of our BMS Classes a few months back and I really vibed with him, so when he asked me to do his NBR I was like “hell yeah let’s do this!”

Then the panic set in.

He has natural salt and pepper gray hair and wanted to stick with that. It’s amazing, I don’t blame him for wanting to keep his color, but ummm I’ve never created a salt and pepper color with extensions.

NBR is all about the color blend, so I knew it had to be spot on.

On top of the color, I knew I wanted to match his texture (curly), so he could wear it natural as a different option, and I wanted to give him a haircut that wasn’t girly, and a little more shredded and fucked up looking than our normal clientele.

So weeks leading up to his appointment I stressed myself out coming up with a game plan, second-guessing myself, doubting my skills, on the brink of canceling his appointment, and then I finally came up with a game plan I felt confident in.

I didn’t want to prep hair ahead of time because it had been months since I had seen him last and I didn’t want to remember his hair wrong. So I waited until he arrived and then formulated from there.

I used 613 and 7 for his extensions (both in French refined texture). The 7 was a perfect “pepper” lowlight, so I literally had to do nothing to that. Thank you baby Jesus, half the work was done.

Next, I mixed a formula of Redken Shades EQ 9t, 9p, and 9b and colored one piece of the 613. I just watched it process to see what I liked and what I wanted to see more or less of, that way I could jig the formula if need be.

I ended up liking and using:
2 parts of 8T
1/2 9P
1P 9b

After the extension hair processed, we rooted everything with 6-1 in permanent

We did two full rows, 6 pieces on each row, and I razor cut the entire thing. Shredding it out and showing off the amazing color blend, and new length.

We were all obsessed at the salon, and honestly, it was a team effort from Jill, Ian, Lo, Stacie, and Kenz to keep encouraging me that I could pull this off even though it was out of my norm for color and cut.

Most importantly, Jason loved it and that is who matters most (even though I tend to make it about me sometimes hahaha)!

I got a ton of great feedback on my social media but I noticed when this picture was posted on the Natural Beaded Rows page, the feedback was less than stellar.

Now, this may not be your style, but it IS someone’s style. There are actual humans behind the pictures. The client and the stylist. So let’s remember to be kind… or quiet, that’s an option too.

I grew and learned a lot from this transformation and I admire the shit out of Jason. Hello Mr. Trendsetter. I can tell he won’t be my last male NBR client.

Mark my words, more men will be getting the NBR experience.

So cheers to pushing boundaries and growing. Two things I’ve been addicted to since joining DKW + BMS!


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