Hey friends I’m currently in Europe, and this week I asked Makenzie to share a couple of her Natural Beaded Rows Before and After Favorites from last week, including formulas for the stylist…

One of the best parts of Natural Beaded Rows is the ability we have to custom color the extensions to match your hair seamlessly.

This babe has gorgeous natural color.

We custom colored 10.16 at the root with 7gb + 9nb + 8g SEQ for a Natural

18.22 at the root with 7nb+ 7gb + 8g SEQ

Toned half of the 10.16 Extensions with 9.11 + Clear L’Oréal DiaLight

The Shelby: 👇🏼Full head baby light 20 vol+ Olapex

Lowlight: 7.13 +7.32 feathered into mid-shaft to Olapex on the ends to keep it bright

Smudge: 7.13 L’Oréal Dia Richesse

Tone: 9v + Clear SEQ Equal parts

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Natural Beaded Rows is the least damaging method of hair extensions on the market, and the easiest to style and maintain.


P.S. If you are a stylist and want to get NBR Certified, Stay tuned for 2019… I have a feeling it will be an amazing year! (BMSCon3 in November, and our Intensive BMS Classes, are ALL sold out for the year…Get on the 2019 Waiting List HERE!)