Welcome to the Date Your Wife Podcast, Cancun Edition.

My husband and I do a podcast together every week that we normally do a video for, but this last week and we were in Cancun so we just did an audio version while there.

The hotel we stayed at in Cancun was called Nizuc. We have never stayed there but it was definitely one of the nicer hotels I’ve been to in Cancun. In the past, we’ve stayed in Playa Del Carmen and venture down to Tulum. This was just a short trip and what’s nice about this hotels it’s only about 10 minutes from the airport. The water in this area is so green and there’s no waves which makes it fun to swim around and snorkel.

This week’s topic on Date Your Wife is SEX. As a few of my friends called our getaway; it’s a sexcation… ( if you have kids you know exactly what I’m talking about 😉 )

Press play to hear more, and Shop a few of my fav swim looks below.

Date Your Wife Podcast Episode #28: Doing Tricks and Having Fun

This week’s episode of the Date Your Wife podcast is coming to you from the beautiful beaches of Cancun, Mexico, where your co-hosts, Danielle K and Garrett J White are on a romantic weekend get-a-way. In this week’s conversation, the powerful duo opens up about the journey and evolution of their sexual rebirth.

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Every week inside the Date Your Wife Podcast, married couple Danielle K. White and Garrett J. White share insights and perspectives from within their own lives regarding Sex, Money, Parenting & Communication.

In this week’s episode of the Date Your Wife Podcast, our Focus is SEX!

Point #1: The Cancun Connection

  • Garrett: Part of the game of being married is taking trips, but for a decade, we didn’t go on vacations very often. And when we did, it was a shitshow. I was upset, I’d be working, and we’d get in fights all the time about sex. The first time we came to Cancun, though, there was a sexual revolution that took place for us during that trip. Now, going on vacation is this exciting thing for me.
  • Danielle: We come back here for long weekend get-a-ways, where it’s all about having fun, reconnecting, unplugging, and hanging out; it’s like having Date Night every night. I think that’s why we like coming here because it was one of the first trips we took together after we finally committed to taking the time to create the space and the money to make it happen.

Ask Yourself: What is the place you go back to that reminds you of your reconnection?

Point #2: Doorway to Apathy

  • Danielle: We’ll talk with couples who are having a great vacation, yet they’re not having sex and they don’t care. I feel it’s an interesting space to be in. They can say, “I have respect for my wife, we don’t have sex, it’s not a big deal,” but where and how does that trickle down into the relationship?
  • Garrett: When this happens, one of the things a guy will do is to completely shut down sexually and become this sedated, constricted, pitiful man. He will completely cut off his sex drive and lock it away. What women don’t understand is that this lack of sexual energy affects everything about a man’s life – inside of his family and his business. Men become sedated dogs who just survive…and they’re okay with it.

Ask Yourself: How long have you been in the “I don’t care” phase?

Point #3: Rejection

  • Garrett: There are guys who are sexually frustrated as fuck, and they’re trying to find a way out. They go beat the shit out of each other at the gym and then come home to this gorgeous Barbie doll princess-wife on ice blocks. I was begging for hand jobs back then and I was sliding down this path that was very confusing and frustrating. I didn’t know how to get out of it; I didn’t know how to snap out of that game.
  • If you’re a dude who’s thinking: I’m not getting fucking laid, I’ve been married to this woman for five-ten years, we’ve had two babies, we’re not having sex, it’s awkward as shit, I don’t get blow jobs, we don’t connect, my wife doesn’t even want me to touch her…I get it. I was there with Danielle. If I tried to approach her at all, or even tried to touch her or kiss her in any way, shape or form, she would reject me. Even when I was trying to reconnect, she was still rejecting the shit out of me.

Ask Yourself: Gentlemen, how does Garrett’s experience resonate with you?

Point #4: Feeling Invisible

  • Danielle: I felt like my needs weren’t being met. What I was attracted to at a very young age was this guy who had a lot of drive; I knew he was going to be successful at whatever he did in life. When he got to this place where he was working, working, working – which was what I was initially attracted to – my needs weren’t being met with TIME. Garrett was working his ass off, and then he would come home wanting to get laid.
  • Slowly, the courting, the dating, and the fun began to go away. I became resentful of his work, I didn’t want to go to his events, I didn’t give a shit if he was speaking, and I didn’t care anymore. We were in this place where I felt like he wanted more, but I had been in this space for three to four years where my needs weren’t being met. “Screw you, you’ve tarnished my trust, why would I cross the line?” I was in a painful place where I began questioning why I was even in this relationship.

Ask Yourself: Ladies, how does Danielle’s experience relate to yours?

Point #5: Sexual Rebirth

  • Garrett: There has to be this moment where you make a decision: I am willing to do whatever is required to get to this place of my desire. What did I want? I wanted a relationship with my wife where we could communicate, talk, have open conversations, we could battle, we could dialogue, we could have sex or not have sex, we could be playful and flirt, we could hang out and connect – and inside of that, there would be no weirdness. It took years, not months or weeks, but years of working this out to get to where we are today.
  • Danielle: I went through a couple of years where I was thinking I don’t know if I want to quit – probably because I was scared – but I don’t know if I want to continue to stay married. That’s when I decided to just focus on me and my business; I started to focus on growth as a person. In that space, I think that Garrett started to work on himself, too, and we were both getting our mojo back. We’ve gotten into this powerful space together because we’re choosing it; we’re choosing to do the work together.

Ask Yourself: What is the one thing your are committed to doing inside of your relationship in order to experience a sexual rebirth?

Communication Challenge:

I invite you as a couple to have a conversation around the possibility of participating in a 30-Day Kings Challenge for the Men, and for the ladies, participating in Wake Up Warrior for Women.

Date Night Topic:

1 – Share the places you would like to go as a couple for your weekend get-a-ways.

2 – Set a date and begin planning your next one.

Quote of the Week:

“As a man, the first step to launching a sexual revolution within my marriage was to be able to be in a place of launching intensity and connection within myself, and of dealing with my own bullshit, lies, and stories. And inside of that, setting myself up on a trajectory of ultimately being able to create the conditions that would set my marriage sexually free.”

-Garrett J. White

“Have Fun!”

-Danielle K. White