Can you believe it’s already June? I swear I was just February!!

I feel like the theme for this week’s blog is do the work!!

Currently, I’m in a pretty happy place right now. I have worked so many years to that burn out phase.

This last year it’s been fun to do the work in a different way. I actually stepped away from doing hair as much, and I’m currently only behind the chair two days a week taking six clients a week.

I am very much involved in the education and the business but I’m not having to micromanage everything. I have a team behind me that I trust and know will get the work done. Our last event was proof of that. I’m so happy to see each team member grow to new levels, and I can appreciate what they’re going through.

Both in my business and my husband‘s business we teach balance. It’s the best way to move in to continue to go forward without imploding. There are seasons in our life where you will have the extreme hustle and other times where that tend to slow down. Embrace each season. During each season don’t forget to take time to surround yourself with those you love and push you through.

Like-minded people and finding your tribe, and I’m not talking about just your followers. Your true tribe is the ones that support one another. Life can be scary because sometimes you have to leave those who don’t align with your vision.

So a message I want to leave you with this weekend…

Sometimes it’s hard to see the pain in the place that you’re in until you’ve left it.

Reach for more.

Don’t turn back.

And do the work.

That’s all.

Danielle K. White

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