Happy summer everyone!! I basically live in dresses all summer long, and this one had been calling my name for quite some time. It’s the Sofie Dress by SEA.

If you’re new to my blog I am the founder and creator of Natural Beaded Row Hair Extensions and I own the DKW Styling Salon in Laguna Beach, CA. Every Monday I post all about hair and Tuesday and Wednesday are my podcasts; Date Your Wife & Big Money Stylist.

This year was my first year doing podcasts, and so far they’ve been topping the charts, which is pretty exciting!!

With the Date Your Wife Podcast, that I have together with my husband, we talk about life and marriage. We have kind of a crazy story and have had our ups and downs.

On the Big Money Stylist Podcast, I feel like a whole other side of me comes out, haha. This is when the focus is strictly on business with my two partners in crime, Val and Ani.

We always talk about how as a woman we can wear multiple hats. I have my mom role, my wife role, my business role and many other roles. Tune in every week to hear more of the story.

If you love fashion as much as I do, you tune in every Thursday for my look of the week.

My thought going into the weekend is…

To achieve your goals you can’t skip steps.

There’s no magic pill, no magic formula or a specific algorithm. You have to be willing to work. In my experience, you can measure your work by how quickly you are progressing forward.

There have been times in my life where I get confused about putting in the time and Doing the work. If you’re putting the time and moving in circles and you’re not moving forward you’re staying stagnant and ultimately staying stagnant results in digression.

Commit to learning and growing at no cost. Remind yourself that, and also that accountability is the key to growth.