What a week last week! We officially held our second BMS Convention with over 350 NBR students last week.

It’s crazy to see how quickly things have grown, yet standing on stage in front of that many students felt like MY new norm.

I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to empower so many beautiful women and it inspires myself to continue to grow.

Above are a few pictures from this last week, and for those of you that have been emailing me like crazy don’t worry we have another BMS Convention coming up mid-November, and tickets will be released next week!

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For the real inside scoop of last week’s BMS Con, don’t miss tomorrow’s episode of the Big Money Stylist Podcast where we discuss the topic of Production and a recap of BMS Con2. You can watch the BMS Podcast here on the blog every Wednesday, or listen in on iTunes HERE.

I also asked Ani and Val to share a little bit about their BMS Con Experience, which you can read about below. These two stood side-by-side with me the entire event, and the crazy guy in these photos is my husband, and I wouldn’t be where I’m at today without him.

Hey everyone it’s Val here…

Well, we did it. We survived BMS CON2. Not only did we merely survive, but we smashed it!

The energy of the room, full of over 350 stylists was nothing short of powerful this last week.

So many different backgrounds, stories, and walks of life were in that room, but all with the common thread of wanting to be and do more.

Stylists wanting to work smarter, not harder.

Artists wanting to offer the best hair extension method to their clients (ahem, NBR obviously), while becoming stronger at the business side of the hairstylist world.

Another common theme of the room was how TIME equals PROFIT for everyone. Myself included. We all crave more time to spend with our loved ones, to live our best quality of life.

BMS is the tool that can get you there, and it’s why I love the shit out of this program!

I loved seeing each artist’s eyes open up to a new way of seeing themselves, and the endless possibilities for their business and lives.

I loved seeing them stand there and declare that they were no longer going to keep doing things the old, tired, broken ways they’ve been doing up until this point.

I loved seeing each stylist recognize their worth.

I loved seeing that because of these realizations and a gameplan on how to shift their mindset and business, that this would be trickling down to their kids and affecting so many families.

I loved seeing our own team grow, pushing past their capacities and finding more power in themselves.

I love that Danielle and Garrett created this and let me and Ani be a part of BMS so we all can flip the industry upside down while fulfilling a purpose inside us, that feeds us to our core.

I love it all. NBR, BMS, our team, the stylists who all attended, and the impact we are making on so many lives.

So thank you to everyone who has been along for the ride of our BMS journey. We are two years in and just getting started. Hang on, shit is only gonna get bigger + better!


A note from Ani…

When artists first sign up for a BMS class, they assume they are coming to learn NBR extensions and have someone stand around and tell them how to hashtag on social media.

What they get when they show up… is something they never expected.

Not only do they get hands on, in-depth training in Natural Beaded Rows but they also learn about the mentality and mindsets of sales, marketing, and closing. The Artists get actual tools to use when they get home to market themselves and their business (non of which had anything to do with hashtagging).

They get more than that though. They leave with a better understanding of themselves.

As women.

As wives.

As mothers.

As friends.

As artists.

As businesswomen.

This past week 350 Artists stepped into BMSCON2.

Three days later, 350 Artists stepped out. But they left as a more powerful version of themselves.

This is what BMS does, it empowers you to play to the highest version of yourself.


Needless to say, this is not your regular hair education course.

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The results of our students are crazy and I’m so glad that I fought for something I knew would impact so many peoples lives.

Stay tuned the blog every Monday for more hair talk.

Happy Mane Monday,
Danielle White
Creator of Natural Beaded Rows

P.S. Below is some of our recent NBR Transformations. If you want to Experience NBR for yourself, Click HERE to watch the NBR Film and schedule your appointment with me or my team.