Summer is in the hair…

We are so excited for the next BMS/NBR Convention that starts in less than two weeks.

We started our BMS (Big Money Stylist) program only two years ago and will have over 350 hair stylists attending our two-day convention in Huntington Beach, California.

For those of you who have been emailing about new class dates, new fall dates will be released in June – so stay tuned.

If you’re not already following our podcast every Tuesday called BIG MONEY STYLIST, don’t miss out on the amazing content. Every week we are having focused conversations about Profit, Production, Power or Protection.


Summer is upon us and you know what that means lighter, brighter and tighter…

Here are a few of my blonde NBR clients this past week at the DKW Styling Salon in Laguna Beach California.

If you love my work I’m only taking on about two new clients a month right now. But my team is amazing and everyone has been personally trained by me over the past few years. Click here to schedule your NBR appointment today at my salon in Orange County California