It’s almost Friday, everyone! Hang on 😉 Today on my blog I am sharing this cute Jumpsuit I wore for one of our date nights this week. I could live in a little white dress romper or jumpsuits all summer long, so I linked a few of my recent fav jumpsuits above!! If your love my husbands’ polo it’s from David August.

Next week we get ready for our biggest hair class to date with over 350 students learning Natural Beaded Rows.

Now, if you are new to my blog, NBR is a Hair Extension method I created over a decade of experience testing things in my hair as well as client’s hair.

7 years ago I branded DKW STYLING the blog and Natural Beaded Rows the hair extension brand. For the first 4 years, I held small education classes only, and for the last 3 years, we decided to also bring in Business & Mindset Training into it, which have significantly improved the results students created for themselves after graduating. I also opened one of the first DKW Styling Salons in Laguna Beach CA which is exclusive to Hair Color and NBR Hair Extensions.

As a mom of 2 children, I was personally able to provide an income for my family when we needed it. I knew what I could offer to other women and stylists like myself would be a game changer for my industry. In less than 3 years we took our education from small classes of 10-12 to a 350 stylist event, and we do not plan on slowing down.

A thought I’ll leave you with for the weekend is…


FOLLOW through with that DREAM.

It’s not just one big break in your career, it’s multiple big breaks.

You have to be willing to be ready when an opportunity arises.

Follow your heart.

Have Fabulous Weekend,