I opened my salon DKW Styling Salon in Laguna Beach California only three years ago. It’s a small boutique salon right off of Pacific Coast Highway.

In the beginning, I never saw myself as a salon owner but I had started educating and knew it was the next step in my journey. In the beginning, I was educating only on the NBR method, and what marketing I knew using social media.

Back then, I didn’t realize I wasn’t just selling hair. I was selling myself as the brand. Yes, I love pretty pictures but I also have a pretty good backstory.

So in teaching, I started sharing my story and this is what bonded myself and my students.

For the first two years, it was just me and Val. I wasn’t interested in filling up every chair in my salon until this last year where I began to push the brand more and figured out a little more about marketing than just social media, and so others wanted to join the DKW Team.

I felt more confident hiring more because we knew how to get more leads for my stylists, and we are an NBR Hair Extension and Hair Color salon only.

We currently have 7 stylists and am excited to announce to the new build out of the DKW Styling Salon. We will be in the same spot on PCH but recently purchased the unit next to me.

My goal by this time next year is to also open up a DKW Boutique Salon in LA. I love the vibe of a small salon and will keep all DKW Salons between four and eight chairs.

I found a few blasts from the past videos from me and Val right after I opened my salon, and then another random funny video with me, Val and Ani. Press play below for a good laugh and remember you can achieve whatever you commit to.

Happy Mane Monday.
Be you.


P.S. I have been getting tons of emails about the NBR & BMS Education. All classes are currently sold out, but we will have fall dates released in June.

P.S. If you love our hair and would like to experience NBR too,  we are currently taking clients in myDKW Styling Salon in Laguna Beach. Click here to find out more.