Happy Memorial Day! This is always the kickstart of summer, and this year we are spending the weekend in Palm Springs, CA. June is hit or miss with the weather and that June gloom. If your looking to take a summer vacation to Laguna Beach, the best time of the summer is mid-July or August.

This cute Zimmerman Swimsuit is so cute and currently on sale! It’s definitely a layout suit only despite me pretending like I surf in these photos.

In fact, when we were taking these and so casually running down the beach, Garrett got a little ahead of me and the next thing I know I’m going down… I fell so hard I actually bruised my leg. In the moment we were laughing so hard as we were trying so gracefully to run down the beach while at the same time I was trying to keep my swimsuit top on.

Garrett and I started a podcast this year called Date Your Wife. I recommended getting photos together for marketing, and as it turns out we have so much fun doing these photos togehter. We normally plan 1-2 day nights per week, and every other week we start a Date Night with taking photos.

We also have loved doing the podcast together, and although we have a topic each week we have no idea where the conversation will go. This make it a little more unscripted and real.

Tomorrow we will not have a podcast episode, but normally we do one every week together. If you’re not caught up, head back and watch some of our previous Date Your Wife Podcast Episodes HERE, or you can Download & Subscribe to the DYW Podcast on iTunes HERE!

Have a fabulous Monday everyone,