Today on “Mane Monday” I’m talking all about the color blend with hair extensions. Hair extensions look far more natural when the color is correct and on-point, and there is so much more art in the blend than on the technical side.

So Today, I wanted to share a few formulas for the stylist:

On this brunette, she came in faded out and a little red. I wanted to break it up and tone down the reds.

My goal was also to move up the old highlighted ends and give her a little soft dimension.

I went in with an all over baby light other in about 2 inches off the root area. (Don’t over lift ) I lifted it to a level 8.

At the shampoo bowl, we did what I call a root bump and tone. We applied 6n with 20 volume ( permanent) and covered the highlighted lines while at the same time this lifted her natural a tiny bit. After this processed, we toned everything with redone shades 9v 9n 8v. We also added 2.5 rows of NBR, and custom colored the extensions with the same formula to match the lighter pieces in her hair but rooted the extension hit with a 4n to go a little deeper.

I loved the change in this client, and as a stylist myself I know there’s always a ton of different ways to get the outcome you’re looking for, so I wanted to share my process.

I take a lot of pride in my work. Not only does the before and after photo’s look good, but my goal is to have it look as natural as possible in person.

See, it’s important to be able to actually deliver the results that you’re promoting on social media.

I love doing hair even though I’m only behind the chair two days a week. The transformation with hair extensions is such a big change, and women leave the salon feeling like a new person. I love seeing them light up and the confidence they radiate.

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In this post I also had Val share one of her amazing blonde formulas… if you want to know her process chime in on the comments below.

Thanks for stopping by!

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An Amazing Blonde Formula by Val:

Babylights 20 vol

Lowlight 8.13

Hand painted some pops with lightener and 6vol

Smudge at the bowl with 6n and 6.13. Drug down in 5 minute intervals 15 mins total

Toned with 10.21