“Your Marketing In Front Of The Chair Can Only Be As Good As Your Magic Behind It!”
-Danielle K. White

Students always want to know the magic formula to increase the profitability behind the chair. As if it were just a series of checklists or an algorithm that you have to figure out, and once you do, you will automatically have success. But sometimes you have to step back as an artist and ask yourself, “Am I the best at my craft??”

Let’s play the Comparison game in a positive way:

I take a lot of pride in my work like every artist should. I remember when I first started my brand that I felt like I was really good at what I did.

As I started looking online to find out what some of the top salon’s were doing, who were catering to fashion and beauty magazine celebrities etc., I started to ask myself…

“Is my work as good as theirs? Or could it be better?”

Now, I know as an artist that sometimes it’s hard to get the photo that represents how good your work really is.

But you also have to be able to be willing to critique your own work and learn and grow from it.

There’s is always room to improve.

If you are the best at your craft you can actually back up what you’re promoting.

I would never want a client to sit in my chair and feel underwhelmed at the overall experience they had.

So this week, my challenge to all of you hair stylists is how can we better our craft?

Stop worrying about hashtags & emoji‘s for a minute, and just get really fucking good at what you do.

That’s all.

This last week, we had four days of BMS classes in Laguna Beach California. I have been getting tons of emails and questions about our education program lately, but all of our classes are currently sold out. We will be releasing fall dates soon, so make sure you’re on that email list so you don’t miss out.

We hold small intimate classes with only about 20-25 students per class, as well as a larger convention with 300 students. June is oversold with 350 students, but we will be holding another convention in November.

If you love our work and are a potential client, we are currently accepting new clients – Click here to find out more.

Here are a few Transformations from myself and my team this week at DKW Styling Salon – all wearing NBR hair extensions.

Happy Mane Monday everyone!