I’m going to start this post by telling you a little bit about my hair education. It’s called Big Money Stylist, and we named it this because of my journey behind the chair.

Hairdressers do not work normal hours. It’s not uncommon for a hair stylist to work a 12 hour day, 5 to 6 days a week.

That is what I refer to as the burn-out phase.

But I had created a system with hair extensions that allowed me to be more effective with my time. I was able to cut back and only work 2 to 3 days a week while making twice as much doing just hair extensions.

When I began my journey and started educating, I thought that everyone would have the same experience I did, which was finding joy and happiness in your life and not burning out behind the chair.

I was sad to see that in the beginning, I didn’t give myself enough credit for the mind shift that I had to go through in order to get to the level in which I’m at.

The old one-day hair class was just not going to get the results that we needed for stylists to experience more in their life. This is when I realized that the whole industry needs to shift their perspective. So many old patterns and behaviors behind the chair need to come to an end.

Re-birth I guess you could say was the model for our classes this week.

Our classes are expensive, but we are not looking to just give Stylist another technique or a motivational speech as that will not give you the results you’re looking for. That will just give you another certificate to hang on your wall.

Instead, we’re here to assist with your rebirth as a Big Money Stylist and hold people accountable for taking back control in their business.

Know that if you’re reading this post and you think, “I’m good with where I’m at, I just want to learn the technic of NBR, I don’t need any of the other business-/life- coaching” (P.S. I hate that word “life coach”)… I would challenge you to maybe consider that there’s always room to grow.

I know personally, I always approach things with that mindset I hate being stagnant or a standstill. This is why I believe my company has been able to grow at the rate it has.

And I’m not just talking about growth in numbers on Instagram. I’m talking about real results with both myself and within my NBR Tribe.

Planning my exit strategy:

I love doing hair and I love teaching, and I will always be involved at some level but in order for things to grow at the rate they have, I’ve had to just be willing to let go and trust those on my team. I had a vision over seven years ago and saw where things would go and the impact I knew it would make on my industry. I always thought it was just the technique only to realize I was after the stylist and that’s where I would change the game but I couldn’t do it alone.

As I started my journey I couldn’t figure out why things were moving so slow, and when I finally let go we trippled in speed and have no plan on slowing down.

I think it’s hard as a business owner because you want people to work with as much intensity and passion as you do and run as fast as you do.

One person in my life right now that has helped me not burn out and continue to see my vision grow is Ani. She is our lead trainer for BMS. This woman can run as fast as I can, and can adapt even faster than I can. She has worked for my education team for only 4 months now, but it’s like I’ve known her forever.

This week we had four days of straight training. Ani led all four days. We call her the velvet hammer. When you first meet her, you’re not quite sure how to take her. You either love her, or you’re a little offended. But she’s one of those people that is loyal and listens to her heart. She is crazy good at getting results. And you can’t expect to change an industry without results. So Ani if you’re reading this, know I love you and thank you for what you do.

Our 2 day intensive class also starts with four weeks of pre-training. After the class, we offer our continued education which is a weekly online class. This is not just an affordable video you can tune in to once a week we see a new color technique.

It’s the coaching that goes on behind the scenes that gives our students results. Everyone is broken down into smaller groups and individualy coached every single day if needed. If our students are willing to do the work and change their stories, we are here to back them.

This week was our more intimate classes with only about 25 students per class. We have a convention coming out in June with over 300 stylists that is currently sold out. The good news is we have decided to host one more BMS Convention in November and will start selling tickets for that soon!!

Convention is amazing and I can promise there is no other training class like this, specifically for hair stylists. So if you’re not quite ready to jump into the small intensive classes yet, BMS Convention is a great place to start – stay tuned for more details, and Get On the Big Money Stylist Convention Waiting List HERE!

Just remember you control who you work with, and who you work on. 😉 Be happy. Create more.

Happy Mane Monday,