Hope everyone had an amazing Easter weekend. Today on my Monday mane post I wanted to share a few NBR Hair Extensions Before and After’s from myself and a few from the team.

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Most clients wear 1 to 3 rows of NBR, with two rows being the most popular option. One row is to add fullness only, and no length. I personally wear 2.5 rows. My hair can’t quite hide 3 full rows but needs the mini in the back to blend my top layer that seems to never grow.

I personally experience very little damage if any with NBR. Before attending hair school everyone told me how bad extensions were and to not do them. But I have realized that the reason they have a bad rap is that there is not enough education taught with extensions.

I have been wearing extensions in my own personal hair for over 15 years and the more I learned and the more experience I got, the less damage occur in my own personal hair as well as my clients.

With NBR Hair Extensions, a full head (2 rows) only have about 30 points of contact. They are easy to hide and lightweight. Part of having hair extensions lay comfortable and do less damage comes down to bead tension, and how much hair gets placed on each client based on the clients desired result. They are also easy to pull in a ponytail and hide.

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Happy Mane Monday