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TGIF ladies

So much good content on the blog this week!! It’s one thing to get to know someone through Photos, but you can really get to know them through audio or video. (Watch the Date Your Wide Podcast HERE, or the Big Money Stylist Podcast HERE!)

I currently work only two days behind the chair at my salon I catering to only 6-8 NBR Hair Extensions clients per week. I generally only work on people I enjoy being around. If you read Monday’s post HERE, I talked about creating your own story… Specifically for stylists, you choose who you want to work with and who you want to work on.

Anyway, I had to laugh yesterday as a client asked, “What is Bougie?”

On my latest YouTube Video on How to Blow Dry Hair Extensions, I referenced my favorite blow dryer as being “Bougie”, I said “you know high maintenance”, then I had to correct myself because I always think of high maintenance as a bad thing but Bougie I take as a compliment. To me, it just means I like nice things. Enjoying the experiences of more in life doesn’t define me, or does it??

In my experience, I always strive for improvement & growth… In fact, I crave it. Once you catch the bug it’s hard to settle. We fall back into our old stories of who we once were, or what we had. We care too much about what people think about us at our current level and this makes us uncomfortable with growth. This is because we outgrow those around us.

With growth comes the opportunity to experience life at a new level.

So yes – I like nice hair, nice clothes, nice shoes, nice homes and fun trips. So maybe experiencing more in life does define us???

I try to keep it real in all my blog posts and videos. I enjoy working hard and creating success in my life while genuinely still caring for others.

For me, this is more fulfilling in the end. Don’t get me wrong, I will buy the best blow dryer, the best cars, the best hair because I’m always striving to be more – and with that comes EXPERIENCING more.

Be You at Every Level.

What story could you let go of? Who could you become if you chose to create a new story?

Just something to think about over the weekend.