Happy Mane Monday!!

On today’s blog post I’m sharing color formulas from some of my work as well as my team’s at the DKW Styling salon this past week. With hair extensions, it so important to have the perfect blend – so we don’t just match the extension hair, we custom color everything. This way our clients have a better experience and their hair extensions look even more natural.

I’m sharing 2 of mine from this week.

My Rooty Bonde:

We deepened her base with 5-0 in Schwarzkopf

Baby lights bleach 20 vol

Zone 2 redone shades 7nb 7gb

Tone 9n 9v

2.5 Rows of NBR

My Bronde Blonde:

Base: 5-1

Baby light bleach 30 vol (this helps to break brassy base)

low light and zone 2: 7nb 7gb

smudge: 7nb 7gb 6n

2 Rows of NBR

Hey, guys, it’s Val here. Here’s one of my favorite blondes of the week, and the Color Formulas I used to get her result:

Sandy Blonde Formula:

Started with a Lowlight of 7.31, feathered into 8.31

Lightener 15 vol around the face for a few pops.

Base 6.13 & 6n sat for 9 min, then started dragging down in 3 min intervals totaling 18 minutes

Toned 10.21 (2 parts) 10.12 (1 part)

2 Rows of NBR
Used 18.22 toned with 10.21 + 10.12
8a, rooted with 6n

Hi! This is Stacie here at the DKW Styling Salon, and here is one of my favs. This was a client of Danielle’s and I was able to touch her up during her last appointment. Here are the Color Formulas we used to get this result:

Icy Blonde:

Bleach with 20vol
Lowlight 8.13 dia richesse
Toner 9n + 9v

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