Mane Monday!!!

Yesterday we found out my Big Money Stylist Podcast made top 50.

Now, you may think, “top 50… is that really a big deal??”, but did you know a study published in February said there are more than 500,000 active podcasts in 100 languages!?1? I didn’t know that! We currently are the #1 podcast in Fashion and Beauty and have held that spot for a while now.

So needless to say we are pumped. I have also had many friends and clients tell me they get a lot of value out of the show, even though they are not hair stylists.

Changing the Game…

On last weeks episode, I talked about finding a balance between Passive Aggressive Polly and Assertive Sally. (These are my 2 personalities in case you missed the show… oh, and all women have multiple personalities, how else do you think we get so much shit done? 😉 )

I like to think of these two as ‘good cop, bad cop’. I started to get success in my life when I owned each side of me, and I’m still learning and growing. But at the same time, because I try to always approach life and business as “how can I improve in this area?”, it constantly pushes me to grow. I try to teach and share based on where I’m at, but the cool thing is because I value growth, that what my program BMS is all about. Growth.

Anyways, I tend to ramble…

Last week on the BMS Podcast I talk about how, as women, we tend to play small, and we don’t want to be labeled as the mean woman or the crazy bitch.

But you need to access that authoritative power to lay shit down and get shit done.

At the end of the day, shit’s going to go sideways at some point, and the nice, Passive Aggressive Polly in you is never going to get anything done.

Own all sides of you, and consider that each side of you is a strength – not a weakness.

This week on the BMS Podcast (comes out every Tuesday on iTunes, or you can catch a repeat here on my blog on Wednesday)

Appreciation for Your Clients.

If you respect yourself, you respect others.

Instagram and social media can be an amazing tool for business. But be careful. Don’t be so focused on your marketing that you lose sight of your current clients.

I talk about gaining back power behind the chair.

But this also comes with taking accountability and improving as a Business owner, and as a stylist. Don’tlosee sight of creating an experience for your clients, and retain those clients.

If you’re that person that’s fucking people over because you know you have the power to market and get a new client behind the chair. What does that say about you?

Creating the experience and having respect for the client is something I teach each individual at my salon, as well as our students in our mastermind.

My quote for the week…

“TREAT others as you wish to be treated.
Teach others as you wish to be taught.”

Seems like such a simple concept, but if you do this in life you will have better results and create less chaos for yourself.

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Happy Mane Monday,

Ps… Here are some Before and After’s from myself and my girl Val, who (ps.) is my hair soul mate;)