Monday is usually the day I share Hair Color Formulas, Hair Tutorials and/or amazing Before and Afters from the week prior, but today I decided to touch base on a little bit of that Social Media BS.

Last week I shared the start of my brand and the start of my education programs on my Facebook Page, and I’m surprised with how much heat I get from women from my past.

I believe that with what I’m doing, I’m very much building women up and empowering them – and not just with hearts, emojis, and likes.

I’m looking to grow in life and business, and not just my Social Media Following.

I hate entitlement, and if you’re not willing to explore becoming a better version of yourself, you may not want to be a part of my tribe.

I don’t want to dwell on the negative, but there’s definitely this unspoken rule on Social Media, and inside this industry in general (and others too, I’m sure…), that you “have to be the bigger person”, and you constantly hear “Collaboration Over Competition”.

But if we’re being honest, every collaboration is to benefit oneself in business.

Each new relationship gets you ahead in the game.

It is very much a competition, and so it should be.

We should always strive to be bigger, and better.

Now let’s touch base on Social Media, and then I want to share a little more of how my hair education programs began, and where they are today.

In my experience, people give too much credit to large followings.

The problem then is that anyone who has the desire to be successful often times focus way too much time in areas that more often than not don’t actually give them the best results.

Now listen, I’m not just sharing this because my following isn’t huge (though, 41k is not bad I guess…), but another IG account of mine that has just over 1,000 followers rakes in in the 7 figure a year range.

And that’s just in one area of my business. Crazy right?

Now, I’m not saying this to brag, or that my DKW IG Account doesn’t help support this, as it most certainly does… But still, it helps prove a point that you don’t need 100k or 1 million followers to be a successful entrepreneur or hair stylist.

If you want to hear more about this topic, don’t miss my #1 Podcast in Fashion and Beauty called the BIG MONEY STYLIST Podcast!

With an oversaturated Socia Media Market with mom’s and stylists glued to their phones, I just believe there’s a far more effective way to go about things.

Social Media is important because social proof is huge, but you should not allow that to take away focus from other more important areas in your business that actually Produce Tangible Results, and truly make an impact on your tribe. (Emojis have never transformed anyone…)

You must also be the BEST at what you do, so if you are that person that is focusing too much on increasing your following instead of improving your craft, or your product, perhaps you should shift your focus to becoming better?

Bottom line is that if you’re truly an expert in your industry, over time people notice your quality and will follow and want to know more – and remember, 1 TRUE FAN is far more valuable than a hundred likes…

Now, I built my brand over 6 years ago, and have been educating on NBR since I started my brand. Education is actually what I loved.

I knew I had created a system with hair extensions unique enough that worked well on my hair, as well as on many of my clients. As someone who never had great hair, I also love the confidence it gave to myself and my clients. I actually cared about the integrity of my client’s hair as well because I was wearing my own product.

People always ask what makes NBR different? Beaded rows or track extensions have been around forever, right?

My answer: Are all beaded row or track extensions created equal?

The very first set of beaded row extensions I learned over 15 years ago, and although it was a good foundation I completely changed how I did them and ended up creating my own unique system. On the flip side, there have been other companies who have copied NBR, but who didn’t change anything – nor do they keep up with my constant improvements, which makes them just another watered down version of NBR.

In times of need, having hair extensions as my niche actually was a blessing to help me to provide for my family. I knew it was time to share what I had learned to not only give women struggling with fine hair more confidence but also to give the hairstylist an opportunity to make more money behind the chair and help provide for their families. Long story short, I was a self-proclaimed educator and dove right into teaching and sharing my skill sets and the method of NBR.

It’s interesting. It’s one thing to do hair, but it’s a whole other element to teach.

I had to learn how to become an excellent educator even though I felt I had a system that I had proven worked in my hair as well as others. In the beginning, I devalued how much I had learned and I struggled transferring my knowledge to others. I would have stylists come take classes from me and simply say “see that’s how you do it“, and then send them on their way.

Just like a hair colorist cannot get good overnight with color techniques, the same goes for each individual extension application process. The only problem was that it wasn’t like I was just providing a demo – I was giving them something with my name on it.

So I would be so sad and disappointed when a hairstylist was not experiencing the same success that I was.

It was hard to not take it personal, because I genuinely believed in what I created, and not just because it was a good solution for my hair but I knew that this could be a game changer for many women like myself who have children and need to be effective with their time behind the chair.

In the beginning, there was no follow through with my education. Stylists would get frustrated that things were not working, and many eventually gave up.

Back then, I was a one-man show and I didn’t have a team behind me on the vision so I slowly felt my vision helping millions slip away. I let the negative voices of social media get in my head. I began to doubt what I felt, and what I had created. So I put my education on hold for a year, but I still did hair because I fucking love doing hair, and I’m very good at it.

When I did that, I felt like something was missing…

Like I had lost my hustle. So I went back to education, but this time I was going to level up my game as an educator.

I knew if I would go back to educating, I had to be willing to take a hard look at why it wasn’t working and then go back into it giving it my all.

There was a reason stylist were not having the results that I had, and it was because they needed more training and more follow up. But I wasn’t willing to offer this for free, or just put a random Facebook Group up.

There was a need for pre-class training, and a need for post-class training. There had to be better follow up, and there had to be a support system. Plus, we needed not only to focus the training on the NBR Method but also provide extensive training on Business, Marketing & Mindset as well.

So if you took my education in the beginning – thank you for believing in me. If you’re still currently inside of my education program, thank you for sticking with me. And if you took my education in the past and felt incomplete, I would love to invite you to come back.

My intentions are good, and I know this is a game changer.

My team and I give it our all, and we’re constantly looking to learn and grow ourselves and share what we know.

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…and if you want to see where my education is currently at – and want to be a part of it, CLICK HERE to Check out the BMSCon2 Movie!