Last week on my Monday Mane Post I shared a little about the Social Media BS and talked about focusing on the right numbers. On today’s post, I wanted to share more beautiful hair photos but also two testimonials from 2 of my NBR/BMS Students, who also are clients of ours and wear Natural Beaded Rows™.

Now, about our NBR™ Education: Extensions are not one class, and you’re done. We currently offer 3 Levels of NBR™ Certification.

See, just like learning any new color technique, it takes time, commitment and repetition to become a Master at it.

We also currently have a Mastermind of 175 students, who get Weekly LIVE Continued Education, and more, from us online. It’s a $500 investment per month, and each student has been able to make that investment back simply by implementing what we teach. Students that have been in the program for a year or longer have doubled, tripled, or even quadrupled their income.

If you are looking around for NBR™ Education, and see other companies promote they are doing Natural Beaded Rows™ education but with different hair, they are NOT approved by Natural Beaded Rows™. We are the only education company offering this specific system, and currently in a couple lawsuits with other knock-off brands.

I want RESULTS with my Students, and not just give you another Certification you can throw up on your wall.

Classes are sold out for the year, but we still have a few seats left for BMS Convention June 5-7, 2018. Check It Out HERE!

Now let’s hear from Kayle, who recently got her hair done by Val at DKW Styling Salon in Laguna Beach CA.

“I took BMS a year ago. I went 6 months before joining mastermind and to see where I’ve been able to grow and take my business in just 6 months has seriously blown my mind.

BMS and Natural Beaded Rows has given me so much freedom with my business and my family. To be able to double my income and to keep pushing and growing makes it all worth it. It has not only helped me grow my business, but also me as a person. It pushes you to set goals and then to blow those goals out of the water and make even higher ones.

Someone can tell you all day long that hair extensions are about more then just hair, but until you experience it for yourself you’ll never fully understand. I was never a confident person or comfortable with my hair until I got NBR. It’s amazing what hair can do for a gal!!

5 years of wearing only NBR and I can never see myself not wearing them. The fact that my hair has gotten healthier and is the longest it has ever been in my life speaks for itself on how safe they are on the hair.”
-Kayle Brinkerhoff

Here’s one of my latest NBR transformations, who also are an NBR Student & BMS Mastermind Member, Amanda Kelly:

“To me, Mastermind is a structured program that presents weekly challenges meant to stretch us out of our comfort zone and expand our business profitability. Each challenge leads to a business lesson that has been tested and verified. For those that tend to get excited about what they’ve learned but lose momentum in applying their learnings, Mastermind creates an environment of accountability. You have to invest in yourself, or you fail. It has forced me to transition my business from traditional color and cuts to sole focus on NBR.

The knock-on effect has led to less time behind the chair, less clients to babysit (no longer in the babysitting business) and extreme growth in income. Mastermind also provides an NBR network that enables you to personally learn from others’ experiences and adopt any of their successful solutions to our common problems.

The NBR journey has changed my life and has allowed all my career dreams to come true….Personally, Emotionally, and Financially. I am thankful and committed to Natural Beaded Rows, and excited to see what the future holds.”
-Amanda Kelly