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What do you geek out on? What are you passionate about? What are you good at? Who is your tribe?

Thursdays I usually only write about Fashion and share my Outfits & Fashion Photo Shoots, but today I decided to share a little more of my story with you, and how & why I acquired such a Passion for Hair.

We all think we’re so different, only to realize we’re a lot more alike than we think.

I started wearing hair extensions when I was 18. I loved the way they made me feel, and I was immediately hooked.

But it wasn’t just how I felt. I honestly felt like it also made my life easier.

When I had shorter hair I had to style every single day. I didn’t even have enough hair to not do my hair – it wouldn’t even fit in a decent ponytail.

With extensions, on the other hand, my hair just seems to hold a style longer. So I not only felt more confident, it also took less time to get ready so it seemed like a win-win situation.

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I actually went to hair school as a default. I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go at 18 and it just seemed important to be doing something. So I chose a trade school. I figured if I wanted to go back to school, at least I had a trade where I could earn decent money.

Immediately after being in hair school I realized how much I liked formulating color and the whole art and science behind it all, and when done in hair school I  began to learn hair extensions too (They actually don’t teach you anything about hair extensions in school, which is odd).

I was always into hair extensions not just for how they made me look, but I also realized it was a craft in which I could charge more and work less.

Again, a win-win situation I thought. So I began down the path of trying to figure out how to make the most money behind the chair.

It was an easy sell for me because I wore them. I never really thought that my hair defines me, or on hair as something superficial. But simply something that creates a solution for women like myself who are not born with the amazing, long hair we desire and envy others having.

Fast forward to where I am right now in business and life, I would’ve never imagined that something like hair could turn into such a passion.

But it also gave me a tool to teach. I took this tool, and I implemented the teaching, and found even more fulfillment in learning and growing in myself while using hair as my tool of teaching, fulfillment, and growth.

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What is your tool? Is your tool cooking? Maybe you’re a professor, or a writer, or a dermatologist.

What are your skill sets? What do you geek out on and find passion in?

You see, we’re not all that different. We all just have different tools we create to get us where we need to go in life.

My husband and I are both busy entrepreneurs and have begun to merge into one another’s businesses. We started a podcast together call Date Your Wife which you can listen to on iTunes HERE, or Watch the Date Your Wife Podcast Video & Show notes right HERE on the Blog every Tuesday.

We also do a podcast specifically for hairstylist called BIG MONEY STYLIST where we share behind the scenes of the Business Side of things. You can Watch the Big Money Stylist Podcast every Wednesday HERE on the blog as well, or listen in on iTunes HERE.

It’s interesting. Even though I always thought that what we (my husband Garrett and I) did couldn’t be more different, we have found the tools that we use to create a connection between the two of us that we didn’t see in the past.

Find your tribe. What do you geek out on?

Happy Thursday