This is kinda scary for me to post but here goes…

You have heard me talk about how crappy my real hair is, and everyone is always asking, “How long is your real hair?”

So in this post, I decided to get a little more vulnerable and show you what my real hair looks like.

I have been wearing Hair Extensions for the last 15 years.

See, I’ve always struggled with fine hair that breaks off easily. I always wore a short haircut growing up, dreaming of the day my hair would grow out, only to find out there are some things in this life that don’t grow and you have to purchase them, haha.

This doesn’t mean your hair extensions isn’t yours, or you have to feel any less confident about them. I believe that hair extensions have had a bad rep.

But, you may not know that hair extensions are not taught in cosmetology school today. Not even the basics of how to apply the hair extensions are taught, and if not properly educated, then YES, absolutely – they can be damaging over time. But in my experience, with my texture of hair, I have found bleach (AKA lightener) to be more harmful than my Natural Beaded Rows Hair Extensions.

I just came to the harsh reality that my texture should not be blonde if I wanted any length. Over the last two years, I have pretty much left my hair alone with hair color. I’ll do the occasional base or toner, but I really only put lightener on it twice a year, and if I do it’s just a few pieces around my face.

This has helped improve my hair, and although I don’t have amazing natural hair, this is actually the best shape my hair has been in since as long as I can remember ❤❤

On some of the Before Photos on my Natural Beaded Rows Instagram page, people often ask, “Is that from hair extensions?”

Often times it’s a combination of many things, including overuse of heat tools and too much bleach on the natural hair. Or, in my experience on my own personal hair done by many different stylists throughout my career, that I would consider being extremely good at their method of extensions they do, there are simply some extensions that are more damaging than others.

There I said it. Not all hair extensions are created equal, and in my experience of having fine hair as well as working on clients with many different textures of hair, NBR gives me the most fullness with the least amount of damage.

Now, this doesn’t mean no damage can occur. But you wouldn’t expect to walk in to a colorist and demand that there is zero damage done.

My goal is to keep the client’s hair in the best natural shape possible. If you’re that client that wants to be super blonde, and you wear hair extensions, you have to take accountability for the fact that both are probably not the best idea for your hair. The better shape your natural hair is in, the more natural your hair extensions will look.

It’s important to educate the client on how to care and maintain hair extensions, just as it’s important for a colorist to recommend a solution that will protect their hair based on their hair texture. I see so many times where women with fine hair that breaks off easy continue to bleach and fry thier hair only to become dependent on hair extensions.

Listen… If you’ve been blonde your whole life, I get it. It’s your identity.

If you’re super blonde and you’re transitioning to a lighter brown or something more natural, you have to give it time.

Most women are not willing to give it time, they freak out, and continue the cycle of being dependent on hair extensions.

There are some clients I choose not to take on. This is because either their hair is just too short, or the damage is so bad from years of wearing bad hair extensions so that there is not enough density, meaning there is not enough hair to safely attach the hair extensions.

There was a time in my career where I wanted to help everybody, only to realize that you can’t always be the Hair Savior.

When you try to be the Hair Savior, this is when it always back fires in my experience.

Do your research when it comes to hair extensions.

In this post, I also asked Val to share one of her transformations and formulas from the week.

Hey guys, it’s Val!

I just gotta say…BRONDES have to be my favorite color to do.

I love the multi-tones of them, and how soft they look on most people’s skin tone.

I feel like I get the most messages from other stylists on what I do on brondes, so I thought I would share a few tips on how I achieve them.

1. Don’t lift the client’s highlights to white, it’s not necessary. Leave a little warmth in there (think the inside of a banana peel)

2. Add at least two different levels of low lights in the hair. (I did a level 6, and a level 7/8 for this client)

3. Do a smudge, and drag it down in timed intervals. I like to tap where the highlights begin and let that sit for three minutes. Then drag down the color in a horseshoe shape about an inch and a half more, for another 3 minutes. And then one last drag down for another 2-3 mins. It makes for the softest transition.

4. After the smudge drag, I rinse and tone everything, leaving out the bangs/ front money piece. I only put the toner on the front, right when everything else is about to be rinsed. This keeps them bright, but all the color looks soft, and nothing has a raw bleach look.

5. I also like to mix at least three different extension colors to continue on the dimensional + soft look. This client has a mixed golden blonde color, an ashy light brown, and a neutral medium brown. All custom colored to mimic what was done on her real hair.

So there ya have it, 5 little bronde tricks that I use! What’s your favorite color?




Or are you in agreement with me…bronde life is the best life? 😉

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Danielle White