Extensions have a bad rap.

Did you know that hair extensions are not taught in hair school?

Wigs, clip-ins, and extensions have been around since the beginning of time and yet not even the basics are taught in cosmetology school.

Perhaps this is why they have such a bad rap. Just with any specialty you can’t take just one certification class and expect to know it all.

Like any new color technique, it takes time and experience to become great at hair extensions.

You have to understand each different texture of hair, and how to apply the hair extensions for the best results.

I have personally tried over a dozen different methods on my own hair as well as with clients. In my experience, I found I hate having multiple points of contact in the hair, plus I notice more shedding of the natural hair when it’s attached to more areas of the head.

I wanted to find a way to create more fullness with less points of contact, and after years of trial and error I have figured out that how to create less damage and shedding with only about 35 beads for a full head.

Now, keep in mind I have a ton of experience. I was committed to finding something that would work on my hair because I just don’t have great hair. I always cut my hair short in bob growing up because it just didn’t look great when I would try to grow it out. I didn’t even have the option to not do my hair and simply put it in a ponytail. I always had to make sure my hair was washed and styled every day.

My experience with clip-ins: People think clip-ins are easier, but in my experience, it takes more time to do my hair with clip-ins than it does having permanent extensions. (Ps. In my experience Clip-ins CAN cause DAMAGE if worn every day).

Natural Beaded Rows Hair Extensions are also a custom colored, and when the wind blows, you don’t see a track or weft of hair.

I have very fine hair and love the versatility and natural blend of NBR. Not to mention it’s a confidence booster. I’m all about anything that makes women feel more confident and beautiful.

I’m currently wearing 2.5 rows myself, with about 40 points of contact – while most traditional methods can have up to 150 points of contact to create the same fullness. Less points of contact equal healthier, happier hair.

If you are a hairstylist and you’re interested in learning more about our NBR Certifications, the BMS Convention is a great place to start. We sold out for the next one in June but will be opening ticket sales for one mid-November soon. All level two smaller classes are currently sold out for the year, so stay tuned for details.

If you’re a potential client and interested in traveling to Laguna Beach, click here to schedule your consultation today. If you’re looking for a certified stylist our level two and level three stylist are listed on the Salon site found here.


P.S. All the work in this post are of some of my recent work at DKW Styling Salon located in Laguna Beach. Check back every Monday for more Before and Afters, Color Formulas, and more hair talk.