I pretty much look for an excuse to get dressed up, and Valentine’s Day just happens to be the perfect excuse.

Although my husband and I go out on at least 2 date nights a week, it’s not just Netflix and chilling – we actually try to plan at least one new fun activity a week.

For example, if you are an old married lady like me, haha (actually I’m only 34 for those of you that were wondering.), and you have kids…

You need to get over that mommy guilt and have fun. Trust me – your husband will appreciate it.

Sometimes I plan the date night, and other times my husband plans it. Some weeks it’s just simply trying a new restaurant while hanging out together, and reconnect for the week.

This means talking, and yes we go over work stuff, and kid stuff, but we also genuinely enjoy just hanging out.

If you have lost that time with your hubby, and no longer like hanging out with just the two of you ( Netflix on the couch doesn’t count), and you find yourself always wanting to be with friends or at a party and there’s no one-on-one time, you may enjoy our Date Your Wife Podcast.

Trust me I’ve been there.

We actually had a good four years of chaos where I wasn’t even sure if I was going to stay married.

But now we are pretty solid, and that’s why we actually enjoy working with one another and also started our podcast Date Your Wife.

I don’t do a ton of writing on my blog as, to be honest with you, I prefer communicating through audio or video. That way it’s easier to translate the emotion in which I’m trying to get a crossed… maybe that’s why emojis were invented ha ha…

Anyways, Happy Early Valentine’s Day. If you haven’t already planned something, now is the time. Valentine’s Day may be overrated but just go to dinner, hang out and reconnect with each other. And then, continue doing that every week. You will be surprised at where that takes your relationship.

If you love my dress it’s by Alexis. Shop my look below. Garrett’s blazer is his favorite custom line from David August.