Let’s face it. Hair extensions clients are high maintenance. I know, because I’m one of them.

I’m really pretty easy going, but I expect my hair extensions to stay in, create little to no damage and look natural… is that too much to ask for??

Oh, and if I were a paying client of a high ticket item, I would expect to be treated like one and actually get an amazing experience and not be shuffled through the assembly line of clients while spending 6-8 hours doing so, and at the same time wonder “Who did I actually make an appointment with?”

Nowadays with social media, it’s hard to tell what’s going on behind the scenes. So you make an appointment on a hope and a prayer that what you are booking holds up to how it looks in social media.

I believe the experience and energy add more value to the overall appointment. And as a busy mom and business owner I want to be treated well, have an amazing outcome, and not spend all day at the salon.

Here is a recent review from a client that came to DKW Styling:

“I have been following DKW for over a year. I was really nervous but finally signed up for a consultation. I got to speak with Danielle, the creator of the NBR extension method. Who gets to consult with the owner and creator of a method!? I was super excited! I had hair extensions in the past that ruined my hair, so I loved how you can go to the website and see everything involved.

Danielle really cares about maintaining healthy hair, so I booked my appointment to go down to Laguna Beach, CA. I live in NorCal so I fly down and stay the night, get my hair done and fly back. Danielle is a master of the craft, not only with extensions but with color and how it flows beautifully with the extensions.

I get compliments everyday regarding my hair, and I’ve never felt more confident. I love my hair extensions and have since made another trip to get a refresh. Due to my scheduling and Danielle’s, I had Stacie, who did my color and refresh of extensions. I have to say that Danielle makes sure that those that are doing color and the NBR are doing everything correct.

Stacie even had another stylist come over to check her work, just to make sure it was 100% up to standards. That is excellent service and shows the dedication of Danielle to her business and those that work for her in the salon. I go back in March and can’t wait!!”

If you are ready to experience amazing hair and skip the assembly line, click HERE!

All we ask is that you fill out a short application so we can get to know you, and your hair, a little bit better.

From there you will be personally contacted to set up a phone consultation to go over a game plan and create realistic expectations for your hair.

All work in this post was done by myself start to finish with 2 assistants by my side. I am the creator of the outcome and make sure the Artist of your choice is a part of every step of the process.

All appointments are in my boutique salon located right off of Pacific Coast Highway in Laguna Beach, California. Fly-in’s welcome. Click here fill out the DKW Application.