TGIF!! I titled this post Listen to Your Heart.

About seven years ago when I first decided to launch DKW Styling and Natural Beaded Rows, everything in my head was asking, “WHY? Don’t do this.”

Was I scared to put myself out there in fear of failure? Probably.

The only people I knew who were educating in the hair Industry were huge companies such as Redken, L’Oreal, Paul Mitchell, etc.

I was jumping in on the scene proclaiming to be a self-made educator and creator of a hair extension method. You can imagine this might be kinda scary.

My husband who is my number one fan encouraged me to start by creating an online course. At the time, I actually did all my own filming and editing. I remember as I sat at my computer desk one night feeling stuck and editing the education videos, I began to cry…

I began to cry not because I was scared or worried, but I felt an overwhelming sense of love.

It was the craziest thing I’ve ever experienced, and I’ll never forget it.

A thought came to me and said, Keep going, you have no idea how many people this will impact and this is only a start.”

Fast forward to today, there has been many ups and downs and many times that I get stuck in my head and choose to not listen to my heart.

I have wanted to quit, I have wanted to stop. But I do not quit or stop. Trails can strengthen the heart and the mind. So whatever role individuals or situations play in your life, they may be the fuel you need to push forward.

With each new level of life, I look back and say I’m glad I chose to listen to my heart and stayed strong and true to who I am.

Here is a quote of mine from our latest Big Money Stylist Podcasts Episode:

“Be real with yourself. If you’re at a certain level, you say you don’t need things. But if you get to the next level you would never go to the previous level… You have no idea many more people you impact in your life when you are raising the bar for yourself. So again it goes back to last weeks topic when I say ‘don’t be fucking selfish.’ Take a good look at where you’re at, take a good look at your numbers, and hold yourself to a higher standard.”

Progressing in life is not just about you. It gives us purpose and drive, not to mention giving others the same thing.

This week was a crazy week. I would invite you to go back and read each individual post.

Stand up for what you believe in, and listen to your heart.

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Happy Friday Friends,