Keeping things more natural with Natural Beaded Rows Hair Extensions!

Here are a few transformations from this past week at the DKW Styling Salon located in Laguna Beach California.

All of the clients in this post are only 1 to 2 shades away from their natural color. So many clients will bring us in photos and not understand what is possible for their hair.

For example, if you are medium or dark brown and you bring in a photo of cooler or icy blonde hair before I completely Bleach our your hair, it’s important to understand that within two weeks your toner will fade and you’ll be left not feeling that cooler blonde tone that you’re wanting.

When my clients sit in my chair I don’t just visualize the outcome that day, but I visualize how will it fade out in 2 to 3 weeks time and ask myself will they still be happy with the color?

I’m also a big fan of healthy hair. In my experience, you can completely destroy your hair with hair color or heat or just over processing in general. This is when the extensions start to look less natural.

I used to be that girl with yellow blonde hair (if you don’t believe me, go back to my original YouTube days haha ) and I was convinced my hair was not healthy because of the hair extensions not realizing most of the damage was actually coming from being so blonde.

Getting my hair back closer to its natural color has taken me a couple years. I am avoiding putting ‘bleach’ (AKA lightener) on my hair more than 2 times per year, keeping it conservative with #haircolor while wearing my @NaturalBeadedRowsExtensions has allowed it to get longer than it has been my entire adult life!

Clients are always asking, “How can I get my hair to grow longer?”

The question should be, “How can keep my hair stronger and stop breaking off?”

Listen to your stylist.

Let them be the professional and recommend what’s best for the overall health of your hair while creating realistic expectations for what you’re wanting the end result to be.

Stylist tip: The first thing you say when your client sits down in your chair should NOT be, “SO, what are we going to do today?”

The first thing is to assess the hair, validate their concerns, and then recommend an outcome. Take back control – your clients will appreciate it.

So if you get anything from this post, be nice to your hair. Sometimes less is more.

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Happy Mane Monday everyone!