And we expand again.

I have owned DKW Styling Salon in Laguna Beach California for almost 3 years, and are now officially starting the build out of a space twice the size. I still very much consider it to get a be a boutique salon environment. Although the new space is much bigger, will still only cater to 6-8 stylists. I prefer quality over quantity. I personally have educated everybody on my team, and recently just hired two new people to join.

Meet Ian. Although he is new to NBR, he is not new to hair extensions or doing hair. He recently moved here from Sacramento, California to join the team at the DKW Styling Salon, and is a full-time artist and an assistant for myself. He has been an educator for companies such as Bumble and Bumble and is passionate about the art and business of hair.

Another artist that I recently hired is McKenzie Davis who is moving here from Salt Lake City, Utah to join DKW. She is someone that has been in our program for years, and I have been following her for the last little bit. She is one that is very much a perfectionist and tackles every skill you throw her way.

Just check out her Instagram, and you can see how great she is at her art and also the business strategies that she’s already currently implementing.

I don’t just hire to hire. I find out what their unique abilities, and invite them to invest in themselves and paint a bigger future for them to join the team.

I am excited for the both of them to be on the team and believe they will become lead trainers with our education staff for years to come.

This last week we had two Natural Beaded Rows, or as we call them, Big Money Stylist Classes. Our classes or two days each, so basically my team was training all week. I am so proud of my team. I remember when I was doing the class solo. Because I put my whole heart and soul into things it was physically and emotionally exhausting.

I actually took a break for a year from doing classes because I just couldn’t do it by myself anymore. I almost gave up on my vision and dream until I decided it’s time to let go and level up. I had to give myself a little more credit for being a good trainer, and at the same time let people step in my shoes and become amazing trainers themselves.

The result we see in our classes is crazy. We have a monthly mastermind program and we allow students in this to come back and repeat our two-day intensive classes. Every single person that repeats at the end of the two days we asked them to sit on stage and talk about results they’re having with the program.

Every single person in both classes that have been in our program for over a year has either doubled or tripled their income. It’s amazing for me to sit in the back of the classroom and hear the results of my students.

It’s one thing to support women with comments, emoji‘s and likes but it’s another thing to help them get real results. I couldn’t be more proud of my tribe and the work they are doing and results they are getting.

We currently have 2-4 classes a month in Laguna Beach, California and our classes are almost completely sold out for the year. If you’ve been on the fence, do not hesitate – join now before it’s too late. Click here for more information.

I also wanted to share a little stylist spotlight, so I asked Staci to share one of her transformations and formulas as well as Val.

If you love our work and need someone to push you over the edge to experience that NBR, I give you permission. We would love to get to know you and have you experience what it’s like in a DKW Styling Salon. CLICK here to apply for your Natural Beaded Rows Hair Extensions.

Stacie spotlight with color formulas

I foiled with 15 vol just to get the purple out and it lifted really nice.

Everything i left out of the foil i covered in 7nb + 7gb shades

I toned her with 8n + 8.3 in Loreal

Val spotlight with color formulas

Base: 5-1 & 4-0

Lightener 30 vol

Zone 2: 6n

Lowlights 6.13 9vol

Smudge 6.13 6n 6 vol

Tone: 9.13

Extension colors
some saturated with 6nb) and