Big Money Stylist Podcast Episode #5: Protect the Kingdom

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Big Money Stylist Episode #5: Protect the Kingdom

Inside the Big Money Stylist Podcast, we go over the following formula each month:

Week #1: Power
Week #2: Production
Week #3: Profit
Week #4: Protection

In this week’s episode of the Big Money Stylist Podcast, our Focus is PROTECTION!

Point #1: Sense of Protection In Creation

  • Val will cut a b*tch for her children. If anything was coming towards them to harm them she would knock it out. This was not something she learned, it was just a natural instinct. Danielle says protecting your kids is engrained in you. There is another side of you.It’s not about you anymore. You are protecting your kids and paving the way for them. So you want to protect them the best you can.
  • We create something and there is a natural linking to feeling protective in that creation. Anianne was protective over her relationship for years. As time went on and she grew, the relationship was not able to last. Sometimes our growth is inhibited by protecting something that no longer works.

Ask Yourself: What are you most protective over in your life?

Point #2: Protecting the wrong Shit

  • Artists are protecting the quantity of clients over the quality. They the mentality that the more clients they have the more successful they are. What they don’t realize is that it is burning them out, not creating more success.
  • Popularity is protected more than the work that is being delivered. They assume having a large following on IG means that they are making more money. The ego comes into play and artists won’t take a look at what actually matters, the numbers.

Ask Yourself: What is one thing you should stop protecting in your life?

Point #3: Protecting Your Image

  • Many salons have stolen the NBR method and rebranded it as their own, the most current being Habit Salon. In the industry we are told to be “better not bitter.” There is a tendency that everyone should share and nothing is a big deal. Don’t ruffle feathers, be better. Danielle decided to ignore Habit and worry about herself and her brand until a stylist told her she thought they were in collaboration. She made a post about how she created NBR, and addressed the current lawsuit with Habit. When you create art and it is stolen, it is offensive. Copying is not the highest form of flattery.
  • Nobody wants to stand up and say “what you did is super fucked up, I don’t like it, I don’t appreciate it.” People would rather hide…. and talk shit behind their back. No one wants to be direct, and that is the problem. People assume if you’re direct you’re rude and an asshole. No, I am direct. Here are the facts…

Ask Yourself: What are you avoiding in order to protect your image?

Point #4: Takers and Thieves

  • Some of you may be sitting there thinking “I have not been taking a stand” for yourself or your business. You may be one who takes, a thief. No body is guiltless in life. We have violated trust, taken ideas that were not ours, done things that were not appropriate, said shit that was stupid… we have made mistakes. This is not trying to be right, this is about protecting what is created.
  • Danielle wouldn’t protect NBR when it was just her. She would reframe it and let it go. The moment she had 100+ artists that trained with her, she started to see this wasn’t about protecting herself or NBR. This was about protecting the families that sit with BMS. The greatest challenge that people have that are takers, moochers, looters, and thieves is that they chase the frosting and lack the power at the core.

Ask Yourself: Where has someone taken from you and you have not taken a stand?

Point #5: Bully Mode

  • Meaghan Chun left a nasty comment on Danielles blog, criticizing her, NBR, and Garrett. Garrett emailed her back and Meaghans response was “stop harassing me”. She never thought anyone would answer. People solicit their opinion based on where they’re at, when they don’t even know someone or their story.
  • When you stand up for yourself sometimes you become the bad guy, when all you’re doing is protecting yourself. Garrett put a mirror in her face and she didn’t like what she saw. Bullies are only as strong as your unwillingness to punch back.

Ask Yourself: Have you ever been an online bully? What was the outcome you were hoping for?

Quote of the Week:

“Taking a stand for anything, you’re going to get heat. Our stand is to raise your standards and become a better person…I choose my battles. I choose my fights. And choosing my fight to stand up for myself and my tribe? Abso-fucking-lutely.”

— Danielle K. White

“All of our NBR stylists feel so protected now. We’re standing up for Danielle, the NBR brand but for all of our stylists who have spent the money to invest with us a company who cares. We don’t just teach the class, and then ‘best of luck!’ BMS was born because we cared so intensely about the stylists that they were succeeding at it, and that they were good at it.”

— Valerie Plunk

“Get out of our way. At this point, you’re either on the train with us or you’re getting fucking steamrolled. We have no intentions of stopping and our stylists KNOW that. I may not have created BMS, I came in it when it first started, but I will protect this like it is my baby because that is how I feel about it. I love it with my heart and soul, and all of our artists too.”

— Anianne Rivera

Stay Tuned for Next Week’s Topic… POWER – Where we discuss owning your strength!

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    I Just Finished Watching- Listening To This Podcast And Was So Fired Up!! In A Good Way!! I’m So Proud Of You For Standing Up For Yourself And Your Brand. As A Salon Owner For The Past 12 Years. I Deal With Haters I Call Fraters!! Because my Name Is Francie😂 I Love The Indrustry But No Longer Stand Behind The Chair. “Burn Out” Although I Have Always Loved Hair Extensions. So I Started Looking For A New Method And I Found You On Instagram. And Shared With A Few Stylists And Now A Bunch Of Us Want To Take Your Course. But I First Wanted To Experience The Extensions Myself. So I Have An Appointment ✌🏼. I Unfollowed Everything To Do With That “Thief” Only Because It’s Been Done To Me And I Donot Support That Type Of Business 🤨. Shady McShade😡. I Look Forward To Doing Business In Your Salon. And Your Husband Is A Freaking Crack Up😂. I Love EVERYTHING You Stand For💋. Love Francie


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