If there’s one thing I can’t put a price on, it’s confidence.

You can literally see by most of our NBR Before and Afters a little bit of that smirk.

Let’s face it, women after experiencing Natural Beaded Rows are feeling themselves. (That is what we refer to as feeling confident, and sexy).

You know, having that little extra pep in your step.

You wear your hair 365 days a year. That’s more than you wear any handbag, right?

How much do you invest in yourself? Do you think you might carry yourself differently if you liked the way you looked?

I get this sounds kind of vein, however, making a woman feel more beautiful affects every area in your life.

I know, because I’ve experienced it myself. I still to this day remember the first set of extensions I wore, and despite them not being the most natural looking, I remember the feeling I had. I knew I was hooked. Not just on the feeling, but I want another woman to experience the same thing.

Above are just a couple transformations I did this week. I also asked Val to share her favorite transformation of the week, and talk about the client experience.

Here’s what she had to say…

“You KNOW your client loves their hair transformation when they are asking for you to send them their AFTER photos right then and there in the salon, and adding their contact info to your personal cell. (Cough* Cough* the above client 😉)

THAT is what I love about NBR.

Women feeeeeeeling themselves.

Yes, the hair is pretty

And Yes, I’m all about the long 22” life.

But really, what I love, is the confidence it gives women.

When clients are drooling over their OWN photos, and can’t even make eye contact with you through the mirror because they are just staring at themselves. It makes my job rewarding.

I know for me, when I don’t have NBR in, I look like Kurt Cobain and Kid Rock had a love child. But when I have NBR, I feel like a wild Lionesse with the biggest, messiest mane, and it makes up for all the other areas I feel insecure for, appearance wise.

So I recognize when other women are having that same confidence issue. I’m grateful I get to help even the slightest in boosting anyone’s confidence.

Natural Beaded Rows, spreading positivity and self-esteem, one row at a time! Such a great gig!”

Happy Monday! Tune in every Monday for our weekly hair post!


P.S. I threw in a photo of myself because of everything I’ve experienced with hair extensions. I just love the way I feel with more hair. If you are ready to experience NBR and sit in my chair, click here to schedule your consultation today.